Machado invokes a great alliance to "defeat tyranny"

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“This is not the end, but it is the beginning of the end,” he predicted. Maria Corina Machado in his first words to the country at midnight this Sunday. Smiling, with that characteristic gesture of her hands on her chest, escorted by two of her children and with the presence of several rival candidates, the leader of Vente Venezuela called for the formation of a great national alliance to “defeat tyranny.” and to build a Venezuela “with republican and liberal pillars.”

The National Primary Commission (CNP) had just notified, despite the Internet blocks imposed by the revolutionary government, the victory of Machado by acclamation, with 93% of the votes in the primaries to elect the candidate to contest the presidential elections of the next year to Nicolás Maduro. The never seen before, because in addition the total number of voters, more than 2,300,000, represents another great victory in the fight against the Bolivarian dictatorship, which is approaching the parliamentary majority of 2015.

In a country thirsty for change (85% want it), Machado would also defeat Maduro by a landslide, since he leads him by more than 40%, according to several surveys. The disqualification that occurred against the opposition leader at the end of June, ordered by Nicolás Maduro when he saw how popular fervor was growing during his tour of the country, will mark the political game in Venezuela during the next few months.

Hurricane Machado also swept away the traditional opposition parties. “Evidently the people voted against our way of doing politics,” acknowledged this Sunday Henry Ramos Allup, leader of Democratic Action (AD), who has distanced himself from the political madness carried out by his candidate, Carlos Prosperi, who threatened not to recognize the elections despite barely reaching 4% support of Venezuelans. The rest of the candidates, who covered the entire political spectrum, did not even reach 1% of the votes.

“Errors, arrogance, exclusion, tripping and inconsistencies delegitimized the Unity. People voted massively for a change of leadership,” acknowledged Freddy Guevara, leader of Voluntad Popular (VP), the only one of the four major parties that supported Machado at the polls.

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