Macron calls for a ceasefire in Gaza for the first time

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France wants lead aid mobilization for Gaza and to somehow distance itself from the rest of Israel’s allies, also making visible the need to protect the Palestinian population. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has organized a humanitarian conference in record time, from which no major announcements are expected, but which symbolizes Paris’ position in the conflict, seeks to be somewhat more neutral, although he insists on Israel’s right to defend against Hamas.

The objective of the event is to mobilize aid to the area, but above all to unblock access to it, almost impossible due to Israeli bombings. At the opening of the conference, Macron has asked to work for a ceasefire in Gaza. “Today the situation is serious and deteriorates more every day. We need a quick humanitarian pause and work on a ceasefire,” lamented the French leader, who until now, rather than a ceasefire, had spoken of a humanitarian truce.

The idea is to advance concrete measures, such as the organization of humanitarian corridors by sea and air, but also increase financial aid. France has announced that it will donate 100 million euros to the Palestinian population, 80 million more than initially planned. France has already announced the sending of a medical ship.

Another idea that Paris is working on, but also at the European level, is the possibility of shelter seriously injured or sick people. At the meetings there will be talk about “making this operational”, Elysée sources explain.

Macron defends that first a truce is necessary, so that the population can access the agreed aid, but that work must also begin to, in a second stage, achieve a ceasefire, Although, for this to be solid, “there has to be a negotiation, a will, because it is not a unilateral issue,” these sources explain.

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