Maduro’s latest trick to win the presidential elections

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“The election of such a professional, balanced, and high-level National Electoral Council (CNE) is good news for Venezuela,” a euphoric Nicolás Maduro stressed to the country after the swearing in of a new electoral referee designed to suit him. next year’s presidential elections. The Bolivarian caudillo has imposed one of his closest collaborators at the head of the CNE, Loving Elviswhich to make matters worse, was in charge of the disqualification of opposition leaders from the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

“The disabler who disables the most, will be a good disabler. It is his prize for pleasing the autocracy,” criticized the Chavista critic Nicmer Evans. Thanks to the disqualifications of Amoroso, always at the service of the Miraflores Palace, nor the curator Maria Corina Machadowhich leads all the polls ahead of the opposition primaries in October, nor the centrist Henrique Capriles You can participate in the presidential elections next year. Amoroso is sanctioned by the United States.

“He is an unconditional and complicit in dirty tasks”recalled Juan Guaidó, former president in charge also disqualified, from exile.

On the bench of substitute magistrates, Maduro has another tough Chavista, General Fabio Zavarse, pointed out by the International Criminal Court for “induction and complicity” in crimes against humanity. The opposition has not forgotten how Zavarse, who was the commander-in-chief of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), allowed the violent ambush of Chavista paramilitaries against his deputies at the very gates of the CNE.

Along with the controversial Amoroso there will be two other “furious maduristas”, as defined by the opposition leader Luis Florido. This is Colonel Carlos Quintero, a shadow power of the CNE in recent years, and the until now secretary of the revolutionary legislative body, Rosalba Gil, widow of Darío Vivas, another historic member of the pro-Maduro faction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV). she was precisely Cilia Flowersthe first revolutionary combatant and wife of Maduro, the one in charge of directing with an iron hand the process that has led to the replacement of the previous CNE by the current one, both under the formula of three revolutionaries for two opponents, these without any capacity to prevent the revolutionary arbitrariness.

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