Maximum deployment of RTVE for Leonor’s swearing in before the Princess’s television pull

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The Princess of Asturias will swear in the flag at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza this Saturday, October 7. It is a solemn act that all cadets carry out seven weeks after entering the officer school and that, this year, due to the presence of the Heiress, has a special interest. So much so that Spanish Television will broadcast the event live with A program which will be broadcast simultaneously on both the 24-hour channel and La 1 and in which a presenter will participate, the correspondent for Casa Real de TVE, Alejandro del Riego, and a military commentator, who has not yet been appointed by the Army. .

As EL MUNDO has been able to confirm, the idea came from those responsible for content at RTVE, who, aware of the importance of this event, processed everything to be able to cover it solemnly, in a format similar to that of October 12, but more reduced. “The princess arouses interest and gives an audience, and they also know it,” acknowledge the sources consulted by this newspaper. In fact, at first it was going to be broadcast only on the 24-hour channel and then it began to occupy part of the La 1 schedule.

Despite the importance and significance of the act, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, declared yesterday that the Princess’s swearing-in will be in common with the rest of her companions: «It will not be individualized like that of His Majesty the King,” he explained during his visit to the Academy, where he spent a few hours with the cadets. Doña Leonor is one of her colleagues and along those lines the Kings have wanted her to perform the act on the day that corresponds to her.

Since entering the General on August 17, the Heiress has adapted to all the activities with her first-year classmates. The Princess has surpassed all the milestones that are required of young people, these first weeks are more physically demanding than intellectually. He had a weekend leave in which, as EL MUNDO has learned, traveled to Madrid to be in Zarzuela with his family, just like the rest of his colleagues, they went home. Sources from the Academy also assure that his presence is not noticeable on a day-to-day basis.

Along with the Princess, others entered the Academy 613 cadetsHowever, there have been a high number of casualties and next Saturday they will swear in flag 410. La Heredera faces each day with enthusiasm and enthusiasm and has a group of colleagues among whom she is integrated and on whom she relies. Yesterday she participated in the activities during the visit of the Minister, who learned about the sports program in which fourth-year students support their first- and second-year classmates in the sports they do in a leadership program. She also followed The english classes, which are part of the curricular program that has been adapted to the Heiress, which includes NATO language on weapons and military techniques. Finally, she had lunch in the dining room with the cadets.

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