Milestone at the Hospital de la Paz: a child who needed a double transplant recovers kidney function in Madrid

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An 8 year old boy who needed a combined heart and kidney transplant He has recovered kidney function at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid, after receiving treatment at this center over the last three months that has allowed him to only have to undergo cardiac surgery.

The little one had a congenital heart disease from which he had undergone surgery in Portugal when he was barely a year old, the Community of Madrid has indicated in a note.

The patient arrived in Madrid at the beginning of July, from the São João Hospital, in the Portuguese city of Porto, in a very serious clinical situation, under the coordination of the National Transplant Organization (ONT).

After contracting a infection caused by the SARS-COV2 virushe developed severe heart and kidney failure requiring a combined heart and kidney transplant.

His situation made it necessary to place a long-term mechanical ventricular assistance system and subsequent inclusion on the heart transplant list, under the existing agreement between both countries.

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