MyInvestor joins the pension plan campaign: it will remunerate the account at 2% during 2024 for those who make contributions

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The neobank MyInvestor continues in the war to attract new clients and now joins the campaign for pension plans in the final stretch of the year. The entity will reward those who make a minimum contribution of 3,000 euros to plans from the MyInvestor and Finanbest range with a remuneration of 2% APR (annual equivalent rate) in the current account with a maximum amount of 50,000 euros and during the year 2024.

If the entity improves the remuneration of this product, MyInvestor clarifies that these clients would also benefit from it given the upward trend in interest rates in the euro zone that is progressively affecting the commercial offer.

To be able to access this campaign it is necessary to invest a minimum of 3,000 euros, between contributions, transfers or a combination of both, in one or more of the five selected plans, among which the indexed products with the lowest commissions in Spain stand out.

These are MyInvestor Indexado S&P 500 PP, a variable income indexed plan that follows the evolution of the American stock market, and MyInvestor Indexado Global PP, a variable income indexed plan that follows the evolution of global stock markets (ACWI index). These funds earn 13.7% and 11.3%, respectively, through September.

Both are available from 10 euros and apply a management fee of 0.30% and total fixed expenses of 0.49% (0.30 management, 0.08% deposit and 0.11% of the assets in the that you invest and other expenses).

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