The Senate rejects Sánchez’s plans: "They are a mockery for democratic dignity"

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The Senate dominated by the absolute majority of the PP will disapprove this afternoon of Pedro Sánchez’s plan to agree on “privilege deals with those who tried to break the constitutional order” because it understands that they represent “a mockery for the democratic dignity of Spaniards as free and equal”, especially, specifies the motion that will be approved by the Upper House, when said agreements “only hide a desire for personal political survival.”

The resolution sponsored by the popular insists on the “imperative need” to recover political dialogue between the major national parties. A dialogue that today he considers “seriously eroded”, as well as “democratic coexistence” itself.

The text points out that since 2017 “there has been a radical strategic shift by the PSOE in terms of pacts, consisting of disdaining those who may favor state policies and coexistence within the constitutional order, to focus exclusively on political transaction agreements with “any party willing to provide parliamentary support, including those whose leaders have been expressly condemned by the courts for seriously disturbing coexistence by failing to comply with the constitutional order.”

The resolution insists that the PSOE’s turn has its roots in the “declining electoral support” of the socialists, something that has caused “their changes of opinion” and their willingness to “jump through the hoops of previously vehemently rejected alliances.” And he quotes: “First, the extreme left; then, ERC and Bildu; and now, Junts, the party of the escaped Puigdemont.”

The explanatory statement of the motion assumes that Sánchez intends to “continue making new concessions and giving new privileges to the independence movement with a view to obtaining support for his inauguration.” And it does so, he points out, “through an opaque process of political negotiation in which what is on the table is an amnesty law and a self-determination referendum” and that, he concludes, “seriously harms and injures the dignity of Spaniards as free and equal citizens”.

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