Netanyahu, under criticism in Israel

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The conclusions of the Agranat Commission, created in Israel to investigate the lack of preparation and prevention of the military and political leadership to the surprise attack by Egypt and Syria that gave rise to the war of ’73, did not point to Prime Minister Golda Meir. Still, she took responsibility for the national trauma and the number of victims and she resigned several months later.

50 years later, many wonder if the commission of inquiry into the glaring error in Israel’s defense of the Gaza borderwill target the Government, the military or both.

While the top military official, Herzi Halevi, has admitted that they did not fulfill their obligation to defend the citizens on the fateful morning of Saturday the 7th, Benjamin Netanyahu has not commented on his share of responsibility in the failure to prevent the worst attack in the history of Israel. Only the head of the Government Security Council, Tsaji Hanegbi, intoned this Saturday the MEA culpa for having believed, like many others, that Hamas preferred to remain calm.

Since his return to power after the November elections, Netanyahu has faced massive protest demonstrations for 40 consecutive weeks against his ultra-conservative coalition’s judicial reform plan. But the massacres in kibutzim They have shocked Israelis and have cut protests short, although they created others such as those of some relatives of kidnapped people.

On the right, they regret that Netanyahu failed to fulfill his 2008 election promise to “overthrow the Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza”. Bibi allowed its consolidation either because the alternative was worse (anarchy) or because it contributes to Palestinian division, thus burying the possibility of an agreement with President Abu Mazen based on the two-state solution.

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