With no possible escape route: thousands of Gazans wait to flee the Israeli offensive

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The tenth day of the war has been marked by the anguishing crisis in the Gaza Strip under an unprecedented air offensive against the Islamist group Hamas and with the desperate evacuation in search of refuge and fleeing from an announced but not yet carried out entry of Israeli troops, volleys of Palestinian projectiles against large areas in Israel – including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – and the diplomatic efforts personally led by US President Joe Biden to alleviate the situation of the inhabitants of Gaza and free the more than 200 kidnapped in the jihadist attack that opened the gates of hell for Israelis and Gazans.

Late at night, Hamas released for the first time the video of a kidnapped 21-year-old girl. “They treat me well. I only ask that they take me out of here and return me to my parents and siblings as soon as possible,” Maya Sham said on camera in a message written by her captors as part of their psychological warfare, and perhaps in an attempt to stop or reduce the military offensive. The choice of the young woman, kidnapped at the music festival Supernova which ended in massacre, is also due to the fact that he has dual nationality (Israeli-French). “They will be released when conditions on the ground allow it,” he said, referring to the many kidnapped people who have nationalities other than Israeli. The spokesman for the armed wing, Abu Obeida, He put the hostages in Gaza at between 200 and 250.

With almost 3,000 dead in Gaza and more than 1,300 in Israel, the sad panorama explains Biden’s express visit scheduled for this week and is complemented by the growing duel between Israel and the pro-Iranian group Hezbollah. The Israeli authorities activated the evacuation plan for the inhabitants of 28 towns located less than four kilometers from the Lebanese border.

But the most desperate evacuation is the one that continues from north to south in the Gaza Strip while information about the “imminent” opening of the only door with Egypt was confirmed and denied. The roar and effects of the bombs are always more powerful than any communication. That’s why, many Palestinians came to Rafah waiting for Cairo to open it in two interconnected directions: entry of humanitarian aid and exit of foreigners. In the absence of an agreement on the humanitarian truce, Israel fired a missile against the Palestinian area in the most cited step in recent days in the White House.

“We know nothing about a possible truce, which is why we continue the war against the bloodthirsty terrorist group Hamas,” the Israeli army clarified while Prime Minister Benjamin Netnayahu spoke with the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who returned to Tel Aviv this Sunday. after an urgent tour in several Arab countries. If two weeks ago, Blinken was trying to advance the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, today he seeks to prevent the fire from spreading to other fronts and causing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. A crisis that mainly affects hospitals due to the lack, for example, of beds, water or electricity to respond to the high number of injured.

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