NFL Week 4 notes: From Josh Allen to Daniel Jones

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Four weeks of NFL It is beginning to be a reasonable period to draw conclusions. Above, the 49ers They are the best team of this (almost) first quarter of the season, the Eagles They are not yet adjusted and that makes them even more terrifying, Buffalo It’s more dangerous now that the hype has gone down, Miami You’re going to need to make 40 points every day to win it all… and you can do it… Kansas City es Kansas City. Below, the Colts, Texans, Rams and Cardinals are going to compete (and win) many more games than expected and Chicago… Well, Chicago is a disaster, but at least it doesn’t have Mac Jones.

For this week’s notes, let’s leave the teams and move on to individuals. Listen to The Touchdown here:


Josh Allen. NFL fads last less than Leo DiCaprio’s couples. That alone explains why in the last year or so, Josh Allen has gone from being the fabulous quarterback who was going to star in a decade of legendary duels with Mahomes to an over-analyzed player, who always has something damaged and fails to win in the playoffs. Burrow arrived, Allen left. We’ll see who comes in for Burrow next year. But don’t let the trends cover us up because Allen is still a true marvel who, like so many before him (from John Elway to Peyton Manning) will end up winning the ring and if not (Dan Marino), he will continue to be great. Ask the Miami Dolphins, who for the first time were unable to keep up with another offense.

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