At least 20 dead in Italy in a bus accident near Venice

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At least 21 people died on Tuesday when a burning bus fell from an overpass near Venice, in northern Italy, according to the city’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, quoted by the Italian newspaper the Republic.

“A great tragedy has struck our community this afternoon. I immediately ordered the city to mourn, in memory of the many victims who were on the fallen bus. An apocalyptic scene, there are no words, said Mayor Brugnaro in X about the tragic accident occurred in Mestre.

After the accident, which occurred shortly after 7:30 p.m. local time (5:30 p.m. GMT), in the Vespa walkway, Numerous ambulances and fire crews gathered at the scene, while railway traffic was blocked between Teacher and the station Saint Lucia of Venice.

The prefecture offered a provisional assessment of the tragedy, while relief teams work at the scene of the accident, where numerous ambulances and fire vehicles gathered, according to local media.

Sky Italia reported that so far there had been rescued 18 bodies from the wreckage of the burned bus, and that many other people had been injured.

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