One in three victims of bullying does not explain their problem out of fear or to avoid worrying their family.

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38% of students who have suffered school bullying They do not talk to anyone about this aggression, mainly out of fear and not to worry their families. This is one of the conclusions presented by a study based on the responses of more than 20,000 students from Primary 4 to Secondary 4 from 325 educational centers throughout Spain (61.5% public and 38.5% subsidized or private). ).

The report, carried out by the Preventive Psychology Unit of the Complutense University of Madrid and the ColaCao Foundation, also details that 20.4% of the victims and 16.8% of the aggressors have attempted suicide at some point. In the case of cyberacosothis figure amounts to 21.1% and 24.9% respectively.

The study, presented last Thursday on the occasion of the International day against school violence and bullying, estimates that 6.2% of students from 9 to 16 years old suffer this abuse and the percentage of bullies is 2.1%. This means that almost two students per class suffer from bullyingwhile there is one aggressor for every two classrooms.

The report detects that girls are more likely to be victims of attacks on their physical appearance or relational aggression (practice that seeks to damage a person’s relationships through manipulation or group exclusion). Boys, on the other hand, experience more physical aggression, racists and related to the sexual orientation. The analysis also highlights that almost 11% of the students who belong to the community LGTBIQ declare themselves victims of bullying.

As the courses progress, the number of victims decreases, going from 9.2% in the fourth year of Primary to 3.8% in the last year of Secondary School. There is no big difference, however, in the percentage of harassers: 1.9% versus 2.1%.

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