One of the Spanish women repatriated from Syria almost a year ago indoctrinated her children in jihadism

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One of the two Spanish women married to jihadists who were repatriated almost a year ago since Syria He indoctrinated his children in jihadism “thus fulfilling the role of mother and jihadist wife”, one of the reasons why she will remain in provisional prison.

This is stated in the record, to which EFE has had access, in which the Criminal Chamber of the National Court rejects the appeal for Luna Fernandez against the judge’s decision Santiago Pedraz ratifying a few weeks ago the provisional prison that he decreed for both women on January 11, days after their arrival in Spain.

Recently, the third criminal section also decided to keep the other repatriated woman in prison, Yolanda Martinezwho also asked to be released after learning the results of the forensic examination of the thirteen children of the two, although in her case she concluded that the children “neither went to school nor received military training” while they lived in Syria, where they were They moved in 2014.

In this other case, the expert reports allow us to affirm, as indicated by the Court, that Luna Fernández “has exercised indoctrination over her children.” thus fulfilling the role of mother and jihadist wife“after going “voluntarily” to “the call of the Islamic State” to go live in Syria, a country that he only left “after the loss of the areas by the Islamic State.”

Within the organization, the magistrates highlight, her role also had “relevance, not only because of the people with whom she interacted, but also because of the people with whom she had eight children.”

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