Orban rejects the arrival of immigrants to Hungary to avoid "mentions Gaza"

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The Hungarian Prime Minister, the ultranationalist Viktor Orbán, assured today that rejects the arrival of immigrants to the country to prevent the creation of “mini Gazas” as, he stated, occurs in Western European countries. In the talk he gives every two weeks on public radio Kossuth, Orban insisted on his approach that “Immigration and terrorism go hand in hand” and assured that “illegal immigrants are increasingly radical.” “There are terrorist groups behind them,” she stressed, referring to a report from the Hungarian national security services.

This report, published last week, claims that different terrorist organizations are involved in illegal human trafficking. In this sense, Orban criticized the European migration pact which, among other measures, provides for the relocation of immigrants and refugeesby ensuring that Western countries want to “force” Hungary to accept this “bad solution.”

Thus, he announced that his country will approve a tightening of its already very restrictive immigration policies before the end of the year. In relation to Ukraine, Orban, the Russia’s greatest ally Within the European Union, he reiterated that accession negotiations with the European Union (EU) should not begin since, he believed, the country is far from being ready.

Hungary is, along with Turkey, the only NATO country that has not provided military aid to Ukraine to defend itself from Russian aggression. Relations between Hungary and Ukraine they are tensesince kyiv assures that Budapest supports Russian policieswhile Hungary accuses Ukraine of not respecting the rights of ethnic minorities, including the Magyars, made up of about 150,000 people.

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