PACMA denounces a hunt of 20 foxes celebrated with the phrase "we have cleared the vermin preserve"

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The Animalist Party denounces the killing of 20 foxes in a hunt that took place last Sunday October 29th and they suspect that it occurred in the Madrid region.

In some photos shared by the political group on their social networks, a group of hunters show the corpses arranged in 20 foxes (adults and cubs) and 2 wild boarsensuring that they had “cleaned the preserve of vermin”, celebrating it “as a feat of fun and personal satisfaction.”

According to the latest Forest Statistics Yearbook of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, In 2020, 176,109 foxes were hunted in Spain alonealthough the numbers almost reached 250,000 in 2016.

The president of PACMA, Javier Luna, states that foxes are “harassed within their dens by Jack Terrier dogs, who bite and shake them, culminating in the hunters shooting them.” “It is a cruel and merciless reality that they rarely share with other people who are not hunters because of how unpleasant it is,” he explains.

The Animalist Party condemns this practice, underlining the “inconsistency” of killing a significant number of foxes while, paradoxically, the same hunters “offer to eliminate supposed rabbit pests stating that they are running out of predators.

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