Page stands against Puigdemont’s demands for amnesty and for Catalonia to be a "nation": "I know what you ask and I know it is intolerable"

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“Discretion”. It is the most repeated word among socialist ministers. Law of silence. Not one more word. The slightest risk that derails the negotiation with the Catalan independentists of ERC and Junts is not wanted. Only a few people from Pedro Sánchez’s hard core handle information. Faced with this uncertain scenario, Emiliano García-Page, president of Castilla-La Mancha and the only socialist with an absolute majority, raises his voice in a sustained manner, maintaining a position against the negotiation with the nationalists.

“I know what Puigdemont is asking for and I know that it is intolerable,” the regional president declared this Tuesday. This newspaper has published that the pro-independence leader who is a fugitive from Justice demands the incorporation of the “recognition of Catalonia as a nation” in the political agreement that he is negotiating with the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. Regarding this negotiation, with which he is dissatisfied, Page maintains that what ends up being agreed upon “depends on the degree of tolerance that the negotiators have.”

The pact between the PSOE and Junts runs aground due to this demand for the recognition of Catalonia as a “nation”, something that is not accepted, at least today, by the socialist side. “We all know that the hard part [de la negociación] It is in Puigdemont. “My thesis is that I don’t want Spain to be watching a remote control from Waterloo and in this country they make us all dance a political sardana.”

PSOE and Sumar have sealed a government agreement, with which Page agrees – he sees it as “positive” and agrees that there is a “more social, more sustainable, greener and happier” Spain – but as the negotiators themselves acknowledge socialists, this roadmap is subject to the pact on amnesty.

“The amnesty favors a global agreement that allows us all to be able to, through words, through dialogue, through consensual measures, be able to continue advancing in the best fit of Catalonia in Spain,” said María Jesús. Montero, acting Minister of Finance and one of the socialist negotiators, in an interview in Ser.

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