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The Instagram model (21) dies on a billionaire yacht


The famous 21-year-old model of Instagram, Sinead McNamara, was found dead a few days ago on the luxury yacht of Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères. The ship was, according to media reports, just outside the Greek island of Kefalonia, when it came to disgrace.

The exact cause of the 21-year-old's death is not yet clear. The prosecution ordered the autopsy of the body and forbade the captain of the boat "Queen Maya IV" to leave the port in the meantime.

The crew members of the ship had apparently tried to revive McNamara. The young woman was taken to the Argostoli hospital, but then flew by helicopter to a private clinic. On the road, she is dead in the end.

The unlucky yacht belongs to the Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères. It is presumably not on board at the same time.


Values ​​to follow in Paris and in Europe


PARIS (Reuters) – The values ​​will follow on Monday at the Paris Stock Exchange and in Europe, where index futures indicate a lower opening for eurozone markets and an increase for the London stock exchange.

* VOLKSWAGEN. The engineers at Volkswagen told investigators that some gasoline engines on VW, Audi and Porsche vehicles were also able to manipulate the results of CO2 emissions tests, according to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. This development, if confirmed, could bring in a new dimension the "dieselgate" scandal, which has already cost € 27 billion in fines and penalties for the German producer.

* WPP – The British advertising group officially announced the appointment of Mark Read as chief executive officer on Monday replacing Martin Sorrell, who resigned in April.

* ITALIAN BANK VALUES will react to Fitch's decision to confirm the long-term sovereign rating of Italy at BBB, while reducing its prospects from stable to negative. The local sector index lost 4.22% last week, Intesa Sanpaolo 3.45%, UniCredit 5.7%.

* RENAULT and PSA could react to the 40% jump in the French car market in August announced on Saturday by the French Committee of Car Manufacturers (CCFA), with gains of 52% for the Renault group brands and 23% for the PSA # 39; entry into force, on September 1, of more stringent certification standards.

* CASINO announced Monday that the level of liquidity of its subsidiary Casino Finance was 801 million euros at the end of June against 586 million at the end of 2017, the distributor has announced the details on its accounts. S & P also reviewed the group's credit rating at "BB" against "BB +" with a negative outlook.

* BOLLORÉ reported an increase of one third of the operating results of all its operations in the first half on Friday evening, but the net profit fell 70% due to an unfavorable basis of comparison.

* BLUE SOLUTIONS published a net loss of 17.7 million euro on Friday for a turnover of 20.8 million euro. The latter decreased by 62% in a year, a decline that the company explains with a "sharp decrease" in deliveries of electric car batteries.

* CARREFOUR announced on Sunday that it has a "food guidance committee" made up of seven members, including DANONE CEO, Emmanuel Faber, to support his ambition to be at the forefront of the "food transition for all".

* NOVARTIS. The Swiss pharmaceutical giant intends to rationalize its production all over the world to achieve the objective of a growth in its operating margin despite the erosion of prices in the United States, said the president in a press interview Switzerland.

* SANOFI announced on Monday that the European Commission has authorized the marketing of Cablivi (caplacizumab) for the treatment of adults with an episode of thrombotic thrombotic thrombotic thrombosis (TTP), a rare blood-clotting disorder.

* SKY The largest UK pay-TV group in Europe today announced plans to increase investment in technology startups in Europe and the Middle East.

* ONTEX GROUP – The Belgian manufacturer of personal hygiene products announced on Monday that it rejected a new offer to purchase PAI Partners, stating that both parties now consider the matter to be definitively closed.

* Solar panel manufacturers and importers could react to the Chinese solar panel sale restrictions in the EU on Monday at midnight.

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Microsoft is removing the Snapshot-inspired Highlights feature from iOS


A year ago, Microsoft updated the Skype application on a system iOS With the "In evidence"The new feature feature imitation from the SnapShat and Instagram application, and now in a step towards" simplicity and familiarity ", Microsoft removed the functionality In evidence And make some other changes to the Skype interface.

As described in detail in the official publication of the application code, Skype will not provide on the system ios Users have the ability to create In evidence Similar to Snape Chat, the reason for this, according to Microsoft, is that the function is not in resonance with most users.

In addition to removing such accessory features In evidence In addition, Skype acquires a simplified navigation system: the new interface simplifies the execution of a call, both audio and video, by removing redundant and little-used features that create chaos.


Debt "Opening of the company" in front of the group "Opening" is 320-350 billion rubles


MOSCOW, 3 September – PRIME. Debt "Opening of the holding company" in front of the banking group "Discovery" at the beginning of the year was more than 550 billion rubles, at the moment the debt is 320-350 billion rubles, said the head of Mikhail Zadornov group.

"At the beginning of the year, the former main shareholder and, at the same time, the main debtor, the" Opening holding company ", owed the banking group over 550 billion rubles, now this amounts to about 320-350 billion rubles, while about 100 billion rubles are due to the bank "Opening" Above all, "Opening Holding" should be Bank Trust, which is a bank of non-core assets and mainly bonds, "he told Izvestia.

The head of the "discovery" noted that the reduction in debt to the group was mainly due to the closing of securities repurchase agreements. "First of all, REPO deals with a number of securities have been closed: the VTB shares have totaled more than 100 billion rubles in the balance sheet of the" Discovery "and pension funds, in fact, has reduced the debt" Opening of the Holding " , said the banker.

Zadornov added that the shares of QIWI, Polymetal (now the bank owns 8% of Polymetal shares) and a number of other securities have been transferred to the bank's balance sheet. Furthermore, the "Discovery" was transferred to "Customs Card" and to a number of industrial goods.

He said that the negotiations are continuing to trade the debt with a series of activities directly related to the group's activities. In particular, the transaction on the transfer of trademarks to the group is underway. "We are preparing the transaction, all brands, domain names associated not only with the bank" Otkrytie ", but in general with the group, are estimated at about 5 billion rubles, including VAT," said Zadornov.

Negotiations are also under way for the opening of the Otkritie management company, Baltic Leasing, the construction of the Vivaldi Plaza shopping center and some industrial goods in Otkritie. "I hope that the debt will be repaid by a few tens of billions of rubles by mid-September, although it is obvious that" the opening of the holding company "does not have many assets to pay all debts to the" discovery "and the "trust", the head of the "discovery" He added that other former shareholders, who also remain debtors of the bank, serve their debts and fulfill their obligations.

Last year the Bank of Russia started to deal with FKBS "Otkrytie" and Binbank. At the beginning of February, the regulator announced the decision to unite these banks with the exception of the share of expiring assets and, in March, specified that the merger process is expected before April 1, 2019. All & ##Second of August, the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev told reporters that Bank Otkritie and Binbank would have completed the merger at the beginning of next year.

Attention: Edeka and Marktkauf recall the most common frozen products


Attention, consumers: Edeka and Marktkauf are recalling a popular product. What you should know about the recall.

Hamburg – Edeka has recalled a frozen spinach from its range of brands. "Edeka portioned spinach (frozen)" in the 450-gram carton, the company said on Friday. It can not be excluded that plastic foreign bodies are in individual packages.

Marktkauf and Edeka: recall of frozen spinach

Leafy spinach was offered mainly to Marktkauf and Edeka and taken out of the sale. Packages with expiry dates of 14.05.2020 and 15.05.2020 were recalled. Customers can return these – even without presentation of the receipt – and get their money back, according to the manufacturer.

Another call to Edeka and Marktkauf this week

Another reference to Edeka and Marktkauf had already been made last week: in a packaged iceberg salad of their own brand "Good & Cheap" they were found in a study of the so-called VTEC bacteria, as communicated by the supplier Gemüsering Stuttgart. Interested in the warning therefore only the state of Baden-Württemberg.

"An insult to Monaco": turn around the white sausages of northern Germany to Aldi

At the moment the titles are also the discount Aldi. It offers in its assortment "white sausages of Monaco". But the product does not go anywhere, because some details cause a stir.

The customer buys the sausage from Aldi and sees a label that makes him speechless

In addition, an Aldi customer turned to the discount store with an unusual request. He found something unpleasant about a packet of sausages.

Ikea is opening up new avenues and pursuing a specific goal, but there is a problem

Ikea goes in a completely new way and pursues a specific goal. But the thing still has a small problem.

ole / dpa

Women have fled to Malaysia for trying to have lesbian sex


Two women who were found guilty of having sex were staged in the northeastern conservative of Malaysia in Terengganu, in the first punishment of its kind.

The two women, aged 22 to 32, were boxed six times each in the Terengganu sharia tribune shortly after 10 am, after the sentence was read.

The flogging was carried out in the classroom and was tested by up to 100 people, including the public.

While women in Malaysia have been staged for sexual offenses in the past, such as adultery, rights activists say this is the first time two women have been murdered for trying to have sex.

"The punishment was shocking and it was a show", Thilaga Sulathireh, an activist of the Malaysian rights group Justice for Sisters, who was in court on Monday, told the Guardian: "To all intents and purposes it was a public demonstration ".

"This case shows a regression for human rights," he said, "Not just for LGBT people but for all people, because corporal punishment affects all people."

The Justice for Sisters activist said the group was worried that the case would constitute a dangerous precedent for the increased surveillance of morality and sexual identities in Malaysia.

In April, Sharia forces in Terengganu identified the two women attempting to perform sexual acts on a car.

The two women were fined by the sharia court on 12 August, after they pleaded guilty to committing musahaqah or sexual relations between women.

The judges ordered to be hoarded six times and fined 3300 Malaysian Ringgits (£ 619).

According to Malay law, each state has the power to enact laws based on sharia guidelines.

The rights groups had previously urged the Malaysian government to defer the case, which they claimed was torture under international human rights law.

The verdict, said Graeme Reid, director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender programs of Human Rights Watch, was "the last blow to the Malaysian LGBT community, which had hoped for better protection under the new government".

"This accusation and punishment," he said in a statement on August 21, "will only feed the recent wave of homophobia and transphobia in Malaysia."


Burma: Reuters journalists sentenced to seven years in prison


Yangon – Two Reuters journalists accused of "undermining the state secret" for investigating a Rohingya Muslim massacre by the army in Burma were sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday after a trial that contaminated a additionally the image of the Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi.

"Having both violated the state secret, they are sentenced to seven years in prison eachJudge Ye Lwin said in front of a court full of journalists and diplomats.

"We continue to ask for their release", Knut Ostby, a representative of the United Nations in Burma, reacted shortly after the verdict.

Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, in preventive detention since December 2017, were serving a sentence of 14 years in prison at the end of this highly controversial trial in a country where the independence of the judiciary is subject to bail.

"The government can imprison us … but do not close people's eyes and earsKyaw Soe Oo told the crowd of journalists in the courtroom before being pushed into a prison in the direction of the prison and his wife burst into tears over the verdict.

This condemnation is a blow to freedom of the press, mistreated in Burma despite the hopes aroused by the arrival of Aung San Suu Kyi in 2016.

In addition to the UN, international reactions have not been slow to come.

"These two admirable journalists spent almost nine months in jail with invented charges to silence and intimidate the press.", Reuters replied in a statement.

"These two brave journalists have gathered evidence that the army had committed mass crimes against Rohingya civilians"That"the Burmese authorities have tried to cover up", he criticized the NGO Fortify Rights.

The two Burmese journalists of the press agency are accused of having obtained documents relating to the operations of the Burmese security forces in the state of Rakhine, a region of northwestern Burma, theater of the Rohingya drama.

They were investigating a massacre of members of the Muslim minority in the village of Inn Dinn. A few days after their arrest, the army admitted that soldiers and villagers killed the Rohingya cold-blooded prisoners on September 2, 2017, and seven soldiers were sentenced to ten years in prison for the massacre .

– Great voltage background –

This verdict comes in a context of great tension between Burma and the international community: last Monday the UN investigators published a report that evokes a "genocide"Rohingya and directly accusing the army, but also the silence of Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the civil government since 2016.

And Tuesday, the question of the pursuit of the Burmese army in international justice was discussed in the UN Security Council.

On Saturday in Yangon, about 100 protesters called for the release of the two journalists in the name of freedom of the press.

In 2017, over 700,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh in the face of the violence of the Burmese armed forces and Buddhist militias, a repression approved by the UN.ethnic cleansing"and even now"genocide".

The verdict was closely followed by the international community, which had called for the release of the two reporters from Brussels to Washington.

Despite the pressure, justice has always kept the accusation. If the documents held by journalists "they found themselves in the hands of the terrorists, they could have fomented the attacks more easily", Prosecutor Kyaw Min Aung secured his requisitions on August 20th.

RPL. "Zenith" – "Spartacus" – 0: 0. To judge Moskaliev

Judge Moskalyov

Dmitry Egorov
Dmitry Egorov

Photo: Elena Razina, "Championship"

Judge based on the concepts. As Moskalov did to deal with Zenit and Spartak

Egorov believes there is nothing to show the referee.


Judging by the comments, you are agitated by the topic of collision Dziuba is gigot. Once again I will fix the main points of the episode, whose study is very difficult for some.

Dziuba broke the Zhigo. Is he banned for 6 games?

No it is not.

1. Zhigo himself delayed the transfer, forcing Dzyuba to join the battle. There are many of these episodes in every game.
2. Artyom wines in serious Zhigo injuries is minimal. The profound causes of contactless rupture of cruciate ligament physicians have not yet been determined. After all, the gate can also manifest itself when you stand still.
3. No further contribution to the trauma Akinfeev 7 years ago he contributed Welliton, which was disqualified for 6 games. That incident showed that if big clubs really want, thanks to a competent PR campaign, they can remove any competitor from the game.

And the respect for "Spartacus" and the current Russian football was that nobody wanted to make Dziubu guilty. Strange or embarrassing decisions have been left in the past.

The brigade Moskalyova – one of the youngest in Russia. Today, the main referee of the match, "Spartak" – "Zenith" is only 32 years old. And if he had previously served mostly with a faded poster, he had two games this season – until yesterday's game he worked on the game "Locomotive" with "Spartacus".
And if the game in Cherkizovo was not enough, the questions about his work would not be enough, so on Sunday the experts launched a critical hurricane. The referee is changed in two for the cola and highlights several serious errors. However, each of the statements seems to be extracted from the context and goes against both the general structure of the lot, and with the recommendations expressed by the head of the judiciary Alexander Egorov.

Take, for example, the start of the game.

On the one hand, in the first half hour the players of both teams committed several fouls in the center of the field, some of which could be punished with yellow. On the other hand, the judge chose a rather high threshold of eligibility and followed him during the match, assessing equally the incidents involving Zenit and Spartak.

This is not a penalty? The two most controversial moments of the "Zenith" – "Spartacus" match

Judge Moskalov has repeatedly been the center of attention in St. Petersburg. Two of his decisions have caused particularly heated controversy.

The next episode – a penalty, not named after the collision Ivanovic with the Pedro Roshey. On the one hand, the Serbian has stepped forward at the feet of the Brazilian. On the other – zenitovets did not react to the ball, did not move in the direction of Spartacus and trampled on the leg when Roscha took a long walk. Something similar that we saw at the contact Ari is Promes in Krasnodar, so that Moskalyov's decision seems methodical.
The next was a penalty in the gates of "Spartacus".

On one side Fernando I really have an open tip in my head Driussi. On the other hand, the Brazilian version itself has the right to life: "What a penalty !? At the beginning I touched the ball and only after seeing the opponent." Given an unassigned penalty in the door of "Zenith", Moskalev interpreted the episode not in reality, but in terms of, thereby saving the game from the scandal and talking about partiality.

I have not received a second yellow and short stories

After setting a high threshold for the fight, Moskalyov gave the players the chance to play and saved both teams from playing in unequal compositions. So, he did not remove the hard dirt Erokhine Rasskazov, but it remained also cold to the provocations Paredes, who at one point kicked his fists Glushakova. Moskalyov could also give 2-3 red cards, tearing them out of the general context, but integrally any formal decision could break the game.

As a result, every player who went to the press did not talk about mistakes, but that the meeting was difficult for the referees, and the judges, if they were wrong, did it in a uniform way, without suspicion. And in these words is the main result of a young and talented brigade, survived in the brutal dismantling of "Zenith" and "Spartacus". If now Moskalova with the assistants will not be "killed", in the future Russia will be able to get a really strong and confident team, for which there are no authorities in the football world.

A "corneal pen" to repair eye damage


$ 1.1 million in grants is the amount received from the Save Sight Institute in Sydney, Australia, from the Australian Department of Health and Research. An amount paid on August 8 by the NSW Medical Devices Fund to encourage the development and marketing of a corneal pen.

This is the first time such a device is used in the medical industry.

Called iFix, this pen from a 3D print was developed by Professor Gerard Sutton and his team.

How does it work? With a special ink that colors and treats eye injuries. This "bionic" ink allows the corneal cells to regenerate and create a biological barrier against infections. Professor Sutton's research showed that iFix can relieve patient pain and reduce recovery times.

"The iFix pen is part of a global bioengineering project of the cornea and, with the support of The Big Idea (award won by the team last year, ed) and of the Medical Device Fund, we hope to be able to can develop a 3D bioengineering cornea in 5-10 years, "said the professor.

Animal tests are already under way and the researchers want to start testing the men next year.

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The bishop apologizes to Ariana Grande for improperly touching her at the funeral of Aretha Franklin


Bishop Charles H. Ellis III of Greater Grace Temple apologized to pop singer Ariana Grande and her fans for their actions before an audience of millions during the funeral of Aretha Franklin on Friday.

After the performance of "A natural woman" ("You make me feel like a natural woman") as part of Franklin's funeral services in Detroit, viewers thought Ellis figured it was part of a fast-food menu before to surround it with the arm. As he did so, his fingers seemed to deliberately locate the side of his chest. In a few moments, the social networks were illuminated with photographs of his hand and the expression of Grande's discomfort at that moment.