Paris investigates the death of a French citizen after being shot by coast guards in Algeria

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France are investigating the death of a French citizen, whose family is originally from Morocco, in an incident that occurred earlier this week on the border between this country and Algeria. supposedly the young was shot by the Algerian coast guards when he was sailing with a jet ski, with three other friends, in waters near the city of Saidiaon the border, according to reports by the French press and the Spanish news agency EFE.

Three other Moroccan citizens were also involved in the accident, which remains to be clarified, two of them also French nationals. He ministry of foreign affairs reported the death of “one of the citizens” and the incarceration from another compatriot in the country.

“The crisis and support center of the Ministry and our ambassadors in Morocco and Algeria is in direct contact with the families of our citizens, to whom we offer our full support. We have expressed our condolences to them,” said a Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The ministry claims to be in direct contact with the Moroccan and Algerian authorities and the incident has been notified to the Prosecutor’s Office for investigation: “It will be up to the courts to clarify the circumstances of this tragedy,” says the ministry, which has not detailed the circumstances of the accident.

The deceased has 29 years and was born in the French town of Montfermeil, according to information from EFE. His corpse was recovered by the Royal Moroccan Navy. The rest of those involved returned to Moroccan territory and have assured that they were shot without warning previa.

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