Pedro Sánchez chooses Morocco for his vacations despite his controversy with Rabat

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The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, traveled today to Morocco to spend a few days on vacation with his family, as reported to EFE by government sources.

The trip takes place with an open debate on the by chance Pegasussince the acting President of the Government has not yet given explanations about the details of the investigation for spying on his mobile phone in 2020 and 2021, and for which he has been accused of a historical twist in diplomatic relations with the Sahara.

Sánchez, who has traveled on a commercial airliner to the Marrakech airport, landed in this city a few hours ago to rest with his family before starting the new political course.

It is a “strictly private” trip, according to the Moncloa sources, who emphasize that it has been “entirely paid for with own resources” by the Prime Minister and in which no institutional agenda is contemplated.

Although initially it was speculated that Sánchez would travel to Lanzarote, the same sources explain that the acting head of the Executive has remained in Madrid until today

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