Pedro Sánchez crosses another border: he meets and takes a photograph with Bildu after avoiding doing so throughout the last legislature

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Pedro Sánchez has crossed another border. This Friday he held his first meeting with EH Bildu and took the photo that he ran away from throughout the last legislature despite the fact that Arnaldo Otegi’s party was one of his priority partners that cemented his majority in Congress.

Now the socialist leader breaks that taboo and has become the first president of the Government, even in office, to meet with the party a patriot. In this case, to reissue that alliance and for the six deputies to first vote for his investiture and then form part of a stable majority of support for his government. EH Bildu considers it a “milestone”.

As a candidate for the investiture proposed by the King, Sánchez led the meeting and was accompanied by his party colleague Santos Cerdan, Secretary of Organization. On behalf of EH Bildu, the spokespersons have attended abertzales in the Lower House, Mertxe Aizpuruaand in the Senate, Gorka Elejabarrieta. They’ve been together for about an hour.

In a subsequent statement, Otegi’s party highlighted the “value” of this image “in a political context where tension, noise and bad manners try to impose themselves on the political debate.” “This meeting reflects a way of understanding political activity and placing oneself in the current historical moment, in a permanent exercise of responsibility and respect, above other criteria or interests,” he added.

Furthermore, EH Bildu has reiterated its already announced support for Sánchez’s investiture due to the “clear mandate” of the Basque people in the 23-J elections of “not allowing the reactionary bloc, led by PP-Vox, to form a government in the State.” Spanish”. Stopping the right, they add, is an “indispensable condition” for a new legislature in which “the social and economic rights of workers must be deepened”, “the consolidation of policies that promote peace and democratic coexistence in Euskal Herria” and “the opening of a debate around plurinationality”.

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