Podemos challenges the authority of Sánchez and Díaz with their escalation on Gaza

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Podemos deepens the internal gap in the coalition government with its fait accompli policy. Far from redirecting the tone after the touch that the PSOE has given it, Ione Herb insists on going it alone and escalating its declarative attack against Israel, which has already provoked the controversial statement from its Embassy in Madrid. Just yesterday, several leaders of the party demonstrated in front of that official headquarters of Israel in Spain. purple with dozens of pro-Palestinian sympathizers.

Before that, the Minister of Social Rights returned to the fray by demanding that her coalition “partner” – the PSOE – suspend diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel and demanding that Pedro Sánchez promote from the European Union the imposition of “exemplary economic sanctions” against “the political leaders” of the “planned genocide”, as he denounced, committed against the Palestinians of Gaza.

The message from the minister responsible for Spanish diplomacy seems to have been of no use, Jose Manuel Albares. “In foreign policy there are only two authorized voices: that of the President of the Government and that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs,” he said to disable Belarra from representing the Government in the statements he has been making, especially since Saturday, when he demanded that the Spanish Executive carry to the Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahubefore the International Criminal Court for committing “war crimes.”

The leader of Podemos has chosen to ignore that touch from Albares, which in itself implies a challenge to the authority of both Sánchez and the Foreign Minister, since they are not being able to control for now the cacophony that Podemos represents and that distorts the diplomatic balance. of the official discourse on the conflict.

Yolanda Díaz is also not being able to contain Podemos, who also sees how the party purple has embarked on a competition with Sumar to monopolize the spotlight and headlines, giving free rein to the warning he issued last September about his willingness to exercise his “political autonomy” with full powers. This is the first great example in which he is demonstrating that he neither wants nor seeks coordination with Sumar, who has his own speech. The big difference with Podemos is that Sumar has made a firm and explicit condemnation of the terrorist attacks of Hamas and avoids protecting the steps that Sánchez has to take.

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