Princess Leonor steps forward: "Being in Girona is a joy for me"

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“It’s a important moment in my life”, with this confession, Princess Leonor took a step forward yesterday in the speech at the delivery of the Princess of Girona Awards. The daughter of Felipe VI is the president of the Foundation that bears the oldest title in the Heiress, who for the first time uttered words loaded with personal meaning in a ceremony held in a hotel in Caldas de Malavella, on the outskirts of the Girona capital. The day before, Doña Leonor set foot in Girona for the first time during a visit to the Foundation’s offices. “Being in Girona It is a joy“He said in the perfect Catalan with which he opened his words, which he also pronounced in Spanish and English.

After five years of absence, the ceremony is held again in the province, stronghold of the most radical independence movement. For this reason, the Princess, aware that it is a turning point, assured that returning to the city: “Turn this awards ceremony into a very important moment for me“, he affirmed. The Princess pronounced her words in an evening ceremony, which she attended with her parents and the Infanta Sofía.

In the morning, the daughters of the Kings participated in a concert workshop with young winners from previous editions. Doña Leonor assured that they had spoken “of the concerns of our generation, what it means to train, how to find and develop one’s own talent, to prepare for new skills through innovative educational models, the awareness of living in a balanced way on our planet, of vital projects when you are twenty or twenty-five years old”.

The Princess of Asturias finished her school education on May 20 after completing the international baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. On August 17, she will enter the General Military Academy of Zaragoza to begin three years of military training, and on October 31, she will reach the coming of age and must swear the Constitution. “I am almost 18 years old and I am about to start a new stage with a period of military training,” Doña Leonor recalled. “Beyond my responsibility,” she said. I’m happy because I know how much the Spanish value our Armed Forces. It is an important moment in my life, “she synthesized. Then, after a second’s pause, the Princess was sincere in her most personal statements since she has known her:”I feel very excited and convinced to continue learning and giving my best encouragement to strengthen values ​​with which I have grown”, she assured.

This year the Princess of Girona Awards recognize the career and talent of the violinist Maria Duenas; to the engineer and founder CEO of Open Cosmos, Rafel Jordan; Doctor of Biomedicine and Professor at Yale, Marc Schneeberger bread; to art therapist and founder of the Palliative Art Foundation, Silvia Fernández Cadevall and the CEO and co-founder of the Kidogo child care networkSabrina Habib. For the Heiress, they transmit “ability to perceive reality and live with enthusiasm typical of my age.”

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