Prison for the detainee for buying fiscal data of a thousand taxpayers stolen from the judiciary

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Judge Jose Luis Calama has sent to prison the 25-year-old man arrested the day before yesterday in Two Sisters (Seville) for its link to the computer attack on Judicial Neutral Point (NPC) October of last year. It is, according to the magistrate of the National Court, the largest buyer of data obtained in the hack, information that was used by the person investigated to commit computer scams.

With this there are already three people arrested for these events: Jose Luis Huertaswho was in provisional prison between the beginning of April and the end of May; Daniel Baillo Escarabajalalias Kermitin jail since June 1, and the now detainee, Juan Carlos Ortega Guerrero.

In an order, the magistrate attributes to the last detainee the continued crimes of revealing secrets and fraud, as well as possession of weapons and deposit of weapons of war and ammunition, for the discovery at his home of a shotgun with superimposed barrels, a pistol and a 99mm submachine gun, in addition to numerous ammunition.

The resolution explains that the investigation has made it possible to identify the person behind the virtual identity lonastrump, the largest buyer of the data exfiltrated from the attack on the judiciary’s information base. Specifically, it would have acquired 30 differentiated data packages containing 15,284 records with personal and banking information relating to 1,067 Spanish taxpayers. Twenty of them filed a complaint for fraud totaling 129,096.73 euros.

At an economic level, according to the order, the total income in euros from the sale of the data exfiltrated from the PNJ service network represents a total of 39,096.1 euros in just 11 days, having been marketed with the data of 82,018 Spanish taxpayers .

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