Putin meets with Kadyrov amid controversy surrounding the Chechen leader’s son

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putinmet this Thursday in the Kremlin with the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadírov, in the midst of the controversy created around the beating that his son Adam recently gave to a man arrested for burning the Koran.

Putin’s intention was to address the economic and political situation in the republic, but the conversation turned entirely about the war in Ukrainein which Kadyrov’s men fight as part of the Northern Military District in Ukraine.

The Chechen leader assured that the fighters “they have good spirits”and “every day they take prisoners and destroy equipment.”

“No Abrams tank scares us,” stressed Kadyrov, who also told Putin that since the start of the war the republic he leads has purchased some 1,100 vehicles, of which 100 are armored vehicles.

He stressed that “all the people support” Putin in Chechnya, where five regiments and three battalions who participate in the Northern Military District.

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