Rishi Sunak appoints former Prime Minister Cameron as Foreign Minister after dismissing the Home Secretary

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Former British Prime Minister David Cameron He entered the Government of Rishi Sunakas head of Foreign Affairs, replacing James Cleverly, as part of a remodeling of the Executive in which the controversial head of the Interior, Suella Bravermanleft his position.

To take office, Cameron will be made lord in order to enter the Upper House as a parliamentarian, a requirement to be able to join the Executive.

Cameron’s appointment, which resigned in June 2016 as prime minister after losing the Brexit referendum, he has caused enormous surprise in the media and analysts in the United Kingdom. After leaving Downing Street, Cameron had not continued as an MP and had left the front row of British politics to become involved in private business.

Previously, Sunak appointed Cleverly as the new head of the Interior, after the dismissal of Suella Braverman from that portfolio following the controversy over having criticized law enforcement.

The head of the conservative Government launched this Monday a remodeling of his Executive, in the face of the general elections scheduled for 2024possibly in May.

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