Roy Abrevaya, an Israeli living in Spain: "Find all the kidnapped people"

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“They must do everything possible to return all the kidnapped people alive. These are civilians who did not harm anyone and were kidnapped in a bloody way from their homes,” he says. Roy Abrevaya (45) in a desperate phone call from Madrid where he has lived for eight years. This Israeli follows his country’s war against the jihadist group Hamas in detail and above all analyzes any small piece of information that could reveal any clues about the whereabouts of one of his relatives. I was (19).

Unlike the other 199 people who Israel has managed to confirm that they are in the hands of Hamas in some hiding place in the Gaza Stripit is not yet known if Nitzan is kidnapped or if he was murdered by the members of the armed wing of Hamas in their massive attack on October 7 carried out with two missions, as reflected in their actions and manuals found in their uniforms after be arrested or shot down: kill or kidnap.

Three other relatives of Abrevaya’s cousin’s wife were killed in the attack at Kibbutz Kfar Aza. Between them She was, an elderly woman over 80 years old, who was shot when she left her house in search of the cell phone she left in the traditional kibbutz stroller. The other victims are Nitzan’s father, a regional official and member of the civil defense unit of the Israeli enclave who tried in vain to stop the avalanche of militiamen and Net.

The third death of the family in Kfar Aza, one of the places most punished in 7-O, is Neta. Today, posthumous hero in Israel. On Saturday morning, the terrorists broke into his house and managed to open his sealed room-shelter in which he was with his girlfriend due to the launch of projectiles and shots in the surroundings. When they entered, they threw grenades. Neta did not hesitate and quickly jumped on one of them to try to calm the explosion and save his girlfriend. He made it.

“Then she threw herself towards her boyfriend’s corpse and pretended to be dead for 18 hours so they wouldn’t shoot her. In the end she was rescued,” explains Abrevaya, who followed all of Saturday’s events from Madrid. Today, in an interview in EL MUNDO she asks her country to “do everything possible to free Nitzan and the rest of the kidnapped people and at the same time put an end to the terrorist group that controls Gaza.” Two objectives that may collide in an enclave under constant bombing.

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