Meryl Streep dances to the sound of bagpipes in Oviedo

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The queen has arrived in Asturias. Understand the hyperbole. Meryl Streep (74) is already in the Principality when There are two days left until she collects the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts. During the official reception this morning at the main door of the Hotel la Reconquista to the sound of the ‘El Gumial’ Bagpipe Band from Aller, the protagonist of Sophie’s decision (1982) started with some dance steps to the delight of those present.

The public gathered behind some fences cheered and applauded her for that spontaneity that she has displayed on countless occasions. Especially, many young people tried with her shouts to get the diva to come and take a selfie and, as some banners indicated, to get her to sign some DVDs for her mothers. It couldn’t be because the royal protocol of the awards prevents it.

For several minutes Meryl showed her emotion with various gestures. She put her hand over her heart at certain moments, she jumped with her legs, He greeted everyone energetically and affectionately. and posed kindly for the media. She also chatted and greeted Teresa Sanjurjo, director of the Princess of Asturias Foundation, in a friendly manner.

The North American interpreter arrived early yesterday morning in Oviedo in the company of her brother. She dressed casually, she hid her fatigue with sunglasses and With her long hair blown by the wind, she did not hesitate to greet the cameras. The rest of the day was dedicated to resting and enjoying the gastronomy of the capital of Oviedo.

Meryl holds a record in the history of the Hollywood Academy as she is the only one out of 21 Oscar nominations to have won three golden statuettes. And all in a period that spans from 1979 to 2017. For this reason, she is considered one of the best interpreters in history and, probably, the last of a generation that has known how to conjugate the verb act in all declensions.

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