Russia attacks Odessa again while maintaining pressure on the eastern front

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This Thursday Russia attacked again the port infrastructure of the southern Odessa region and continued offensives on the Eastern Front, while Ukraine received a new military assistance package from almost 500 million of dollars from its partners with which it seeks to cover the needs of its Armed Forces facing the winter.

“In the Izmail district, damage has been reported to port infrastructure and residential houses,” wrote the head of the Odessa Military Administration, Oleg Kiper. The drones they injured an old woman and caused a fire, he added.

During the attack, Ukrainian air defenses managed to shoot down ten of the drones launched by Russia against the Odessa region.

In total, Russia launched 33 Shahed kamikaze drones last night, 28 of which were shot down by the Ukrainian defenses, as reported by the Air Force.

The Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged this Thursday the attack in Izmail, but assured that it was directed against a warehouse with Ukrainian war equipment.

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