Sánchez assumes that he will repeat the government "soon" behind the "defeat of the reactionary proposal of the PP and Vox"

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Although he has not yet guaranteed support, because the negotiation with ERC and Junts has yet to be finalized, Pedro Sánchez does not have many doubts that he will repeat as President of the Government. And it won’t take long. In fact, the intention in the Executive and in the party is that it could be throughout the next month of October. In Madridat the closing Conference of the Group of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) Europeans, the leader of the PSOE has made it clear, once again, that he does not contemplate any future other than his re-election. Thus he has conveyed it to the MEPs, to whom he has explained that Spain “is preparing to repeat this progressive coalition government in a short time.”

The most complex part of the negotiation with the independentists is missing: landing on the amnesty formula and teaching it to contain criticism and censorship, both internal and external. But despite this, Sánchez shows full conviction that he will achieve the necessary majority. That there will be an agreement with ERC and Junts, but also with Bildu and the PNV. And he took the opportunity to congratulate the social democratic MEPs because by being in Madrid they will be able to “live in real time the consummation of the defeat of the reactionary proposal of PP and Vox. The consummation of their parliamentary defeat will occur this week and you will see it live”.

“That is the mandate of the social majority that manifested and expressed itself freely at the polls in the last general elections, despite malicious suspicions,” Sánchez stated in his speech. “A majority that chose to advance and not retreat and that said no to the repealing proposal of a right dedicated to the reactionary theses of the extreme right”, he added in reference to the PP and Vox, in an act in which he has now alluded to Feijóo as a “failed candidate” after resigning in Congress give the reply at the investiture session.

Because if the calculations made by the PSOE are that its pact on amnesty will allow it to obtain a number of votes in Congress greater than the 176 that marks the majority threshold, the reading they make of the 23-J is that 11 million Spaniards voted for PP and Vox, but 12 million did so against them and, therefore, in their cover letter they set those 12 million, counting everything that is not a vote for the right-wing parties, and not only the 7.7 million received by the PSOE and the three million from Sumar.

“On June 23, Spanish society sent a message of enormous symbolic value and European reach: the Spaniards clearly told all of Europe with their vote that the extreme right is not unstoppable, that the extreme right can be stopped” because, as stated Sánchez, “the traditional right has given in and has submitted to the extreme right.”

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