Sánchez avoids the word amnesty but promises "generosity" y "policy" to overcome the "problem" Catalan after being appointed by the King

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It’s the taboo word. Do not say. It is not mentioned, even though it is the elephant in the room. An elephant that grows larger and larger, taking over the stage. But Pedro Sánchez avoids it. He avoids her. Not even now that he has already been proposed by the King as a candidate for the investiture. And even though he promised that at this point he would speak “with total frankness, with total transparency.” The already candidate does not mention it even though everything revolves around the amnesty. He prefers to use dialectic, euphemism. He promises “generosity” and “politics” to overcome the Catalan “problem.”

Sánchez’s contortionisms are increasingly complex. Everyone talks about amnesty, a formula for amnesty is being negotiated, but publicly that concept does not exist. But the evidence is clear. Even for Sánchez’s own subconscious. “Even the Constitutional Court will have to rule,” he said, here without euphemism, expressly asked about the situation of the negotiations on the amnesty with the Catalan independentists.

The flying goal to give explanations about the “formula” of the amnesty is changing kilometer. A few weeks ago, from New York, Sánchez indicated that it would be “I can be designated a candidate.” Now it is determined when there is an agreement with the nationalists. If there is a signature, the agreement will be announced. If not, not even. But the self-tightening corset of socialists offers clues.

“I have taken decisive steps towards coexistence and harmony. Territorial tensions have receded and Spain is more united than in 2018. My purpose is to follow that roadmap of coexistence and harmony,” the socialist leader explained, which action he follows limits : “Our framework will be, as it has always been, the Constitution“. Of course, when asked by journalists about the content of the negotiation, he admitted: “Although the conversations have to be discreet, the agreements will be transparent and known. They have to be endorsed by the legislative branch. “Even the Constitutional Court will have to rule.”

More clues that although it is not mentioned, the amnesty runs through the backbone of Sánchez’s possible investiture. The already candidate for the investiture has explicitly and forcefully rejected the holding of a referendum. Forcefulness that has not been expressed about the amnesty. “The referendum is contrary to what I have always defended. In addition to not being included in the Constitution, what the Catalans want is to turn the page and provoke a reunion between Catalans and between Catalans and Spanish society. And that is where we “We are going to move. Not only because of a constitutional requirement, but because of a political conviction.”

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