Tom Hanks denounces the illegal use of his image and voice created by AI in a dental insurance advertisement

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American actor Tom Hanks and the television presenter Gayle King have warned their fans about advertisements that use their appearance and voice, without their knowledge, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, to promote products.

“WARNING!! A video is circulating promoting dental insurance with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it,” Tom Hanks said on his Instagram profile. His message appears in a screenshot of the video in question.

Gayle King, co-host of the American network’s morning show CBSpublished a similar warning, also on the Instagram platform.

“People keep sending me this video and asking me questions about this product, even though I don’t have NOTHING to do with this company…,” he wrote in the caption of a video where he appears to be promoting a weight loss product.

The journalist also published the original video used by the scammers, in which she promoted a radio show, on August 31.

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