Sánchez pays all the bills in exchange for continuing in La Moncloa

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Only a few weeks have been necessary for the prospects of a profound change in the political, legal and social scenario of the State to begin to take shape. When on the night of July 23 it was proven that the party that won at the polls would have no chance of forming a Government, an alternative began to be forged around the second and fourth forces in the fray – PSOE and Sumar – dependent on one hundred percent of the minority pro-independence and nationalist formations that deny the Constitution and its core principles: the unity of the State and its political form, the parliamentary monarchy.

After the failed investiture of the candidate popularAlberto Núñez Feijóo, the second candidate appointed by the King, Pedro Sánchez, opened a negotiation with the parties that intend to liquidate the 78 regime in order to obtain the necessary votes to remain in office. The Moncloa. Of all of them, the most difficult force has been Junts, led by a fugitive from Justice, Carles Puigdemont. After having accepted all of his conditions, today Sánchez signs the payment of the last invoice, the one presented by the PNV. This ensures the investiture, next Thursday, with 179 votes in favor: PSOE, Sumar, ERC, Junts, Bildu, PNV, BNG and Canary Coalition. This last party, with only one seat in Congress, is against the amnesty but will vote in favor of Sánchez in exchange for commitments included in the call Canarian Agenda.

The balance of the long weeks of negotiations is summarized in two words: complete transfer. Socialist weakness distills from the signed agreements. The PSOE has been forced to accept all the claims of its interlocutors, including those considered unconstitutional by Sánchez himself, the majority of the ministers and the main leaders of the party. The first and most important concession has been to approve an amnesty law for all those convicted and prosecuted by the process. But there is more.

The Basque nationalists had the ace up their sleeve of being able to guarantee Sánchez an investiture in the first vote with an absolute majority. They have negotiated discreetly, regardless of the external noise caused by the conversations in Brussels with Puigdemont. However, its list of demands, all admitted, is substantial. In your case, the agreement signed between the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, and the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, is an “investiture” pact that leaves the legislature pending compliance with the agreements. This is stated by Basque nationalist sources and confirmed by Ortuzar himself.

It includes a broad package of transfers from the State to the Basque Country – all those that were pending, including the economic management of the Basque Country regime. Social Security within a period of two years – and an expansion of the space for self-government in terms of labor relations and the promotion of Basque. Negotiations will be made on the “national recognition of Euskadi” and a “system of guarantees based on bilaterality and forality.” “This should give rise to a new political-legal personality for our country,” Ortuzar explained. Historical demands of the PNV are therefore included and with this reference is made to the priority of the labor agreements signed in the Basque Country and that the joint commission of the Concert has the capacity to set the global maximums of the remuneration mass of public employees. In terms of taxation, the economic agreement is reinforced, including new taxes. The powers of the Ertzaintza are also reinforced and the representation of Euskadi in the Spanish delegations that negotiate in Brussels is strengthened.

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