Senator Bob Menéndez is accused in the United States of having acted as an agent for Egypt

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US Senator Bob Menendezalready prosecuted for three counts of corruption and influence peddling for the benefit of Egypt, has also been accused in recent hours of act as an agent of this Middle Eastern poweras announced by the judicial authorities.

Menéndez, who chairs the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was indicted in September, along with his wife and three alleged accomplices, for corruption. Accused of having “used his power and influence” to benefit his alleged accomplices and the Egyptian government in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Democratic legislator of Cuban origin refused to leave his position, but “temporarily” resigned from the chairman of the commission and pleaded not guilty.

To the three charges of corruption and prevarication is now added, for the senator, his wife and one of the alleged accomplices, that of having acted as an agent of a foreign power, specifically the Egyptian government, according to the indictment signed by New York federal prosecutor Damian Williams.

Williams indicated that during a raid on the couple’s home, in June 2022, they were discovered “wads of bills stuffed in the pockets of his jacket”, three kilos of “gold ingots”, a luxury car and other elements “that were part of the fraud.”

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