Solidaridad, the Vox union, calls a general strike for next November 24 over the amnesty law

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The Vox union, Solidarityregistered this Monday the call for holding a general strike on Friday November 24 as a measure of protest against the amnesty law agreed by the PSOE with the independence movement in exchange for their votes for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

Santiago Abascal’s party will support the strike and, like Solidarity, calls to join the strike “in the face of inequality” and the “betrayal” committed by Sánchez, whose investiture session will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, after registering in it Congress the amnesty law.

“We will not surrender the flags of social justice and national unity,” the union assures in its appeal “to all Spaniards, to the rest of the unions and to all civil society, so that, together with our more than 250 union delegates and more of 500 sections, join this call”.

However, despite the speed of the socialists to celebrate the investiture as soon as possible and for a new mandate to begin, the PP and Vox predict continued and forceful opposition to the amnesty. “If this investiture is achieved, there will be no return to normality, we will not forget,” said Vox leader Santiago Abascal this Monday, highlighting the citizen “outcry” requesting the calling of a general strike.

This Sunday, in fact, in the massive demonstration called by the PP in Madrid in which Vox participated, the protesters demanded that Alberto Núñez Feijóo the holding of a general strike, as Solidaridad and Vox had been threatening to call for days. “If it occurred to me to agree on what Sánchez is doing, there would be a great general strike in Spain,” responded the leader. popular.

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