Spain, against the supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine

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Defense Minister, Daisy Robles, has reported that Spain “does not share” and is positioned “against” the decision of the United States to send cluster bombs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Spain, based on the firm commitment it has with Ukraine, also has a firm commitment that certain weapons and bombs cannot be delivered under any circumstances,” Robles said in statements to the media at a PSOE event in Madrid.

Questioned by the controversial shipment, since it is a decision that clashes with the notices of the United Nations and that contravenes an international convention that prohibits the use of this type of weapon, The head of Defense has underlined Spain’s “clear and resounding” position against this action.

In this sense, Robles, who has pointed out that sending these bombs is the decision of the United States and not of NATO, He has insisted on the “total and absolute” support of the Spanish Government for Ukraine, but has defended that bombs such as cluster bombs are not used in “legitimate defense”.

“No to cluster bombs and yes to the legitimate defense of Ukraine, which we understand is not carried out with cluster bombs,” has sentenced.

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