Stolen baby convicted of falsely accusing woman of being his mother

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A pioneer sentence has sentenced a stolen baby for falsely attributing a woman to be his biological mother. The ruling obliges the man to pay 15,000 euros for moral damages for years to the woman, who had to undergo a DNA test to show that she was not his real mother.

According to the sentence’s account, this man was a stolen baby and he received news of who his biological family could be thanks to a “birth file” in which the woman’s name and two surnames supposedly appeared. The man informed the Association of Stolen Babies of Aragon and he even hired a private detective to find out the whereabouts of his alleged mother.

In September 2020, the woman received a letter from the man saying that he was his son. According to what he seemed to believe at the time, she had had him at the age of 16 and abandoned him or given him up for adoption.

From Aragon, this man went to two towns in Navarra what the detective told him and contacted those who were theoretically paternal and maternal relatives. He said he even did a DNA test on them that gave “99% consanguinity as second-degree relatives.”

In addition to the letter, there were continuous calls to the alleged mother, according to the woman’s lawsuit, directed by the lawyer Julian Merida, of Duran & Duran Lawyers. The sentence explains that both these calls and having untruthfully publicized her supposed maternity at the age of 16, the abandonment of the son and the concealment from the family have generated psychiatric problems and fear of the harassment of the false son. She ended up changing her address so he wouldn’t find her.

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