Mercromina, cotton, bandages or serum… everything that the home medicine cabinet should have (and not)

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If practically all homes have something in common, it is that they have a small first aid kit. Sometimes it is a box, sometimes a small bag and in other homes it is simply a drawer where they are stored. band-aids, sticking plaster y tablets for when something hurts us.

A space in the house that we don’t pay much attention to until we burn ourselves out making food, the knife slips from us or our little toe hits the edge of the bed.

There are a number of elements that should be in absolutely every first aid kits:

-Protective material. If we are going to treat someone, the first thing is to protect ourselves: several pairs of latex or vinyl gloves and hydroalcoholic gel could be enough.

-Cure material. Everything you need to be able to heal small wounds: saline solution to clean the area, gauze pads and an antiseptic such as povidone or chlorhexidine to prevent infection. An ointment for small burns would also be interesting.

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