Sumar presents a bill to recover universal jurisdiction

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Sumar has presented in Congress a bill to reform the organic law of the Power of attorney in order to recover universal jurisdiction in Spain and thus allow the State authorities to have powers to prosecute crimes under international law regardless of the place of their commission and the nationality of the authors or victims.

The training led by Yolanda Díaz aims to restore an international justice system that prevents impunity for serious violations of human rights, such as the commission of crimes that can be classified as war crimes, crimes against humanity, forced disappearances or torture, simply requiring the existence of some type of connection with our country regardless of the place where they were committed and the nationality of the perpetrator or victim. This connection with Spain should not even be required when dealing with facts that qualify as the crime of genocide.

Deputy Enrique Santiago has assured that this is not an ad hoc proposal about what is happening in Palestine but then he added that “from a criminal point of view there is no doubt that a genocide is being committed” by Israel against the population of Gaza.

The reform proposed by Sumar proposes returning to the content that was contemplated in the Judiciary Law in 1985, recovering the principle of universal jurisdiction including the possibility of prosecuting crimes against human dignity such as apartheid or slavery and also recovering the so-called popular action and the possibility of filing a complaint before the Spanish courts.

The proposal also introduces a transitional provision that allows reopening all procedures that were archived in 2014, as is the case, for example, of the journalist. José Couso.

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