Israel claims it eliminated mastermind behind Oct. 7 Hamas attacks

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The “number two” of the Intelligence Directorate of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, Shadi Barud, whom Israel considered mastermind of the attacks against their territory on the 7th, died in a bombing of the Air Force, the Israeli Army reported this Thursday.

In a statement, the Army reported that after receiving information from military intelligence and Israel’s internal intelligence service (Shin Bet) A plan was designed to attack and kill Barudwhich was executed by the air force.

According to the Israeli Army, Barud along with another of the Hamas commanders, Yahya Sinwar, (considered by Israel as its main objective, whom they have not yet managed to locate) planned the action against Israeli territory on the 7th in which more than 1,400 people died and more than two hundred were kidnapped.

“Baroud planned the barbaric October 7 attacks alongside Yahya Sinwar and had previously served as commander of the Hamas battalion in Khan Younis and was responsible for planning numerous terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians,” the military said.

“After this, Barud held several positions in Hamas military intelligence and was responsible for information security and until today He was responsible for Hamas intelligence relations“says the Israeli military statement.

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