Sunak reopens war "tories" with the return of Cameron

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Rishi Sunak has decided to risk his political future with the unexpected resignation of former “premier” David Cameron (as Foreign Secretary) and the sudden dismissal of Suella Braverman as Secretary of the Interior. The double blow, interpreted as a concession to the moderate faction of the Conservative Party, nevertheless threatens to provoke the wrath of the hard wing and reopen the wounds of Brexit in the midst of the countdown to the 2024 elections.

David Cameron’s return to high politics seven years after his resignation It caused astonishment in its own ranks, although it was received with praise by the international community and especially in Brussels. “I hope we can work together to strengthen ties and cooperation between the EU and the United Kingdom,” said High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell. “In times of profound global change, we need to stand together and defend our shared values.”

Dozens of Tory MPs, however, interpreted Cameron’s appointment and Braverman’s dismissal as a revenge of the defenders of permanence in the EU and a declaration of war on the right wing of the party. The New Conservatives and Common Sense groups called together their ranks in Parliament on Monday and threatened to push for sending letters to the 1922 Committee asking for a vote of no confidence against their own leader.

“I have disagreed with some of Sunak’s individual decisions, but I consider him a capable and strong leader“Declared Cameron after being called to chapel in Downing Street early on Monday. The former “premier”, who also resigned as an MP after losing the EU referendum in 2016, has had to be appointed as a member of the House of Representatives. the Lords to be able to form part of the Government.

At the time of assuming the helm of the Foreign Office, Cameron highlighted the “international vocation” of the United Kingdom “at a time of great global challengesfrom the war in Ukraine to the crisis in the Middle East.” “Rarely has it been so important for our country to stay with our allies, strengthen our alliances and ensure that our voice is heard,” wrote the former “premier” in your account on X.

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