Six graphs to better understand the debt left by the covid

In 2020, public debt jumped from 95% to 119% of GDP. However, the interest to be paid on this mountain of money will fall by 2.5 billion thanks to low interest rates and the ECB’s purchases Hibernate. Put the economy in a freezer to take it out when the pandemic has passed. The main measures … Read more

Persona 5 Royal is the highest rated game by the media in 2020 according to Metacritic

A total of 16 video games have exceeded the average grade of 90 in the note aggregator Metacritic in 2020, as revealed by the portal in a publication on the best games of last year; in 2019 nine titles exceeded that figure. The title with the highest average grade is Person 5 Royal, that with … Read more

reinvent horizons to be closer to the public

Confident that 2021 will be a year to reaffirm our strength as a society both in mind and body, as well as in spirit, Thalía affirms that although the entertainment world was completely transformed during the previous months, for this year better things will come, and the The help of technology will be very important … Read more

These are the most viewed videos on TikTok

2020 has been the year where TikTok swept as the most important social media platform. The result has been largely due to the different challenges that the app has; even celebrities from the show business have ventured into it. Thanks to its success, thousands of followers are part of the statistics, for this reason there … Read more

2021 should also be a record!

Leon Beurer Ursula Pamela Garcia 1 hour ago 4 min 2020 is one of the warmest years for the world since meteorological records began. The year 2020 got warmer and warmer. Little by little, there were always new heat records around the world. Siberia was especially affected, ambient temperatures were sometimes up to 6 degrees … Read more

KCDP: 300 femicides in Turkey in 2020 – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

‘Stop Women’s Murders‘or the KCDP, revealed its annual report, on Saturday, in which lights were shed on the main facts related to the feminist struggle in Turkey, as the murder of 300 women across the country was confirmed, as well as 171 others. found dead and recorded as “unsolved murders”. The KCDP, a non-governmental feminist … Read more

The 5 sports moments that marked 2020

2020 was a different year, the sport underwent many changes and also great losses, on the other hand, some teams found themselves with the triumph after several years. That is why we are going to review the 5 memorable moments of the sport this 2020, we are going to review it in chronological order. Kobe … Read more

De Toyboys | MLB Modern ReAction Action Figure Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) 10 cm

Plus Play ball! Super7 is proud to collaborate with Major League Baseball on a collection of 3.75″ ReAction Figures honoring some of baseball’s most beloved historic players and popular modern players. “All rise…” Aaron Judge made his debut with the Yankees in 2016. He is a 2-time All-Star, AL Rookie of the Year, AL Home … Read more