Iron deficiency? This way you ensure the ideal intake and absorption of iron

It is well known that as a runner you must have enough iron in your body. Iron is essential for the transport of oxygen. Oxygen that our muscles need to be able to run (very) fast. Getting enough iron from your diet is not always easy. We help you on your way. A certain diet, … Read more

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin

How is vitamin D synthesized by the body? Vitamin D is made up of two substances, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. The first, ergocalciferol, is synthesized naturally by food while the second, cholecalciferol, is synthesized by the skin under the effects of the sun. It is once in the body that these two vitamins together … Read more

[정치]尹 “Unification centered on a prosperous system is common sense”… Discussion of absorption unification

President Yoon Seok-yeol made a statement to the effect of absorption unification, saying that it is common sense to be unified centering on a well-off system. In a New Year’s work report by the Ministry of Unification and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, which was held yesterday (27th) at the Blue House guesthouse, … Read more

The black hole suddenly began to give away the matter of the star a few years after its absorption – scientists observe this for the first time

In October 2018, scientists watched as a black hole literally tore apart and swallowed a small star in a galaxy located 665 million light-years from Earth. Although the event itself is considered very ordinary by cosmic standards, its consequences became unusual. Almost three years after the event, the black hole unexpectedly returned some of the … Read more

Ministry of Agriculture Asks Babel DPKP to Maximize the Absorption of BOP for Handling PMK

PANGKALPINANG, – Director of Livestock Breeding and Production, Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Ministry of Agriculture, Supreme Sugandaasked the Department of Agriculture and Food Security (DPKP) of the Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel) to maximize Extension Operational Costs (BOP) for handling the outbreak Mouth and Nail Diseases (PMK) on livestock. … Read more

Due to molecular switch to higher fat absorption, immune cell becomes a tumor cell

There are many proteins on the outside of our body cells, a thousand different types If B cells of the immune system no longer have the protein CD37 on their outside, they can derail and thus form blood cancer. CD37 inhibits fat absorption in healthy cells. If this protein is missing, a tumor cell absorbs … Read more

Immune cell becomes tumor cell through molecular switch to higher fat absorption

There are many proteins on the outside of our body cells, a thousand different types. These proteins are like cousins: they fish tasty snacks into the cell, maintain contact with the neighbors and ensure communication with cells located further away. An important group of these control cousins ​​are the so-called tetraspanins. These proteins mainly occur … Read more

Return of the rain: here is the impact of the drought on the absorption capacity of the soil (video)

The rain is expected to return this Sunday evening. A long-awaited return, but which will unfortunately not be entirely beneficial for dry soils. Our meadows and soils are indeed too dry to absorb large quantities of water. To better visualize the phenomenon, here is an image of an experiment carried out by an English university … Read more

OPEC + commitment to production quantities contributed to absorbing the surplus

The Iraqi Oil Ministry said that the commitment of OPEC + members to production quantities contributed to absorbing the oil surplus in the markets, according to the Iraqi News Agency. The department’s assessment of excess oil supplies appears to be aimed at alleviating global concerns about disruption to energy supplies as a result of Russia’s … Read more