The market discounts that BBVA will sell TSB ‘at a loss’ after the absorption of Sabadell

Related news Although nothing is decided yet, the negotiations for the merger between BBVA and Banco Sabadell they continue their course with the aim of carrying out the operation before the end of the year. The auditors are immersed in the asset valuation, bad credits, capital, investees and subsidiaries to determine the price and formula … Read more

Absorption of Hazmat clothes is not optimal, the fate of tens of thousands of workers is alarming

The workers when making hazmat clothes. Photo: dock. personal, JAKARTA – Payment of laborers’ salaries due to delayed absorption of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form hazmat clothes by the government impacting the economic needs and welfare of the workers. PT GA Indonesia Labor Chairman Sri Rezeki revealed, the company where he worked … Read more