Actresses and actors who have never seen any of his films

Throughout the history of cinema we have found (and continue to find) a multitude of interpreters who do a magnificent job and have quickly become the favorites of both critics and the public, having the most memorable performances. However, despite being quite a celebrity, there are certain actors who have taken the iron off the … Read more

The actors, actresses, directors and celebrities who have died in 2020

2020 has been a completely atypical year due to the health crisis that we continue to live, to this we must add a long list of celebrities from different fields lost their lives, here the ones who generated the greatest impact. <div id="slideshow-anchor" class="slideshow-anchor-inpage" data-slides="[{"img":{"src_thumb":"","src_filename":"/newsv7/20/11/28/21/38/04552050.jpg","width":"","height":"","copyright":null},"page":1,"title":"Kobe Bryant (26 de enero de 2020)","text":" El astro de la … Read more

NY Times selects the best actors and actresses of the 21st century – Rock & Pop

The 21st century is marked by important films that have revolutionized the film industry. With this, new stars and icons of cinema have established themselves as some of the most important on the big screen. Now, The NY Times has released its list of the best actors and actresses of this century. It might interest … Read more

Erika Buenfil accepts that she has had rivalries with other actresses

Erika Buenfil She did not mince words and revealed that she has had rivalries within the recording sets with other colleagues. The actress, who was a guest on the show “Today”, was questioned about whether there is a war of egos within the new project in which she is working with colleagues such as Laura … Read more

Alfonso Ribeiro explains why sitcoms like ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’ are no longer made

Alfonso Ribeiro played Carlton Banks during the six seasons and 148 episodes that ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’ lasted, the mythical 90’s sitcom starring Will Smith, Carlton’s cousin and best friend in the series. The actor has given an interview to The Hollywood Reporter as a result of the premiere that took place on November 19 … Read more

7 actors and actresses you didn’t know were scientists, including the pioneer of WiFi | TV and Show

Mastering the performing arts is undoubtedly a fundamental basis in the (lasting) life of every actor or actress, to demonstrate what he knows, wherever he steps on stage. However, when they have an academic history that goes beyond a title, and is subject to science, it is verified that it is possible to travel in … Read more

One of the actresses of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stands as the best television actress 2020 in the “People’s Choice Awards” You will not believe who it was!

UNITED STATES.-The protagonist of ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, Ellen Pompeo was recognized this Sunday at the awards “People’s Choice Awards 2020”As the best actress on television this year. Well, in addition to her excellent work, the American surprised on the red carpet with an outfit with transparencies, causing a furor among her followers and standing out among … Read more

Actresses of all ethnicities and ages, residents of Madrid or BCN –

MADRID or BCN. Hello! We seek actresses of all ethnicities and ages residing in Madrid or Barcelona for our representation portfolio. > CONTACT: If you are interested, send us an email to [email protected] with subject «ACTRESS AND YOUR CITY (ACTRESS MADRID / ACTRESS BARCELONA) » – IT IS ESSENTIAL TO ATTACH PHOTOS AND VIDEOBOOK (Profiles … Read more

What actors and actresses refused to participate in these famous films?

Published by Jot Down Magazine Show your knowledge about cinema with these ten films. Helps keep Jot Down independent Free access to books and magazines in PDF Download articles in PDF Save your favorite articles Fast, ad-free browsing Helps keep Jot Down independent Free access to books and magazines in PDF Download the articles in … Read more

Rosita, the actress of “Pasión de gavilanes”, who lost everything due to the pandemic | Margarita Amado | Actresses nnda nnlt | CHEKA

Updated 11/12/2020 at 01:58 The soap opera “Passion of Hawks” She is not only remembered for the story of the Elizondo sisters and the Reyes brothers, but also for all the characters that appeared in it. How to forget Rosita, one of Doña Gabriela’s inseparable friends, who was characterized by carrying rumors from one place … Read more