Is the 45-day window over? ‘Elvis’ could be the first movie to delay its premiere on HBO Max

Warner Bros. Discovery continues to turn its entire strategy upside down with the intention of reducing the debt it inherited from the WarnerMedia era and correcting what David Zaslav, the company’s new CEO, considers past mistakes. Among those mistakes we found spending millions of dollars on a DC movie, ‘Batgirl‘, to launch it directly on … Read more

‘Actresses who can single-handedly make a film successful should be paid equally’: Dhyan Srinivasan

Kochi: Dhyan Srinivasan and Gokul Suresh are the central characters in the film ‘Sayahna Samyadha’. The film hit the theaters last day. Now, some of the things Dhyan Srinivasan said in the press conference held in connection with the promotion of the film are being discussed. Dhyan spoke about the issue related to equal pay … Read more

Chika Fujiwara and Saber’s voice actresses test positive for COVID-19 — Kudasai

the talent agency Office Osawa issued a press release informing that the voice actress Konomi Kohara has tested positive for COVID-19. According to the statement, Kohara felt a fever on August 1 and had a positive screening test on August 3. She is currently in recovery while keeping her activities suspended. Konomi Kohara is recognized … Read more

Sylvester Stallone explodes against the spin-off ‘Drago’: “I never wanted Rocky’s characters to be exploited”

Just a few days ago we knew the News of the development of the new spin-off ‘Drago’. Is about a new production centered on Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), Russian boxer who stepped into the ring against Rocky Balboa during ‘Rocky IV‘, and his son Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), who fought against Adonis Creed in ‘Creed … Read more

Famous actresses who have preserved the Dzūki dialect are not ashamed of their rural nature

“We don’t think about the concept of creating what we ourselves are interested in, is fun,” said the actresses. The language of dzūki from the lips of N. Varnelytė and V. Mockevičiūtė will be heard in Aukštaitija on August 20 – at the culture festival “Purpurinis vakaras” the actresses will present the play “Nedingęs” created … Read more

These are the most beautiful voice actresses according to the Japanese — Kudasai

The popular Japanese portal Goo Ranking conducted a poll among its readers asking them for the voice actress they consider to be the most beautiful and most suitable to be considered an idol in the industry. The article includes a small introduction that writes: In the past, voice actors were mostly behind the scenes, but … Read more

The two actresses who denounced Coco Levy react after apologies from the producer

Danna Ponce and María Bobadilla, the two actresses who reported to the authorities for abuse and harassment of Coco Levyhave reacted to the video where the film producer states that he only wanted to help them in the film medium. In the video, uploaded to his official instagram account after it became known that Videocine … Read more

Maya Hawke – being a star despite your parents

Even before she read the script for the third season of Stranger Things, Maya Hawke already knew she wanted the role of Robin. The story of the series had not yet been completed when the actress auditioned, but she said she already liked the character she was subsequently cast for. Because, as Maya herself says, … Read more

Czech actresses who struggled with alcohol. Dada Patrasová is not the only one

Actress Dada Patrasová bourala under the influence of alcohol already two years ago, then she inhaled 2.5 per thousand, she paid a 150,000 fine and was not even banned from driving. This year in May, however, she crashed again just a few streets away, but this time she refused the breath test. Alcohol is called … Read more

Dakota Johnson: From the 50 Shades of Gray Movies to Her Sexual Wellness Business

When Dakota Johnson tells her family that she prefers a film career to a college education, her closest relatives are deeply worried. Although the “50 Shades of Grey” star is a third-generation celebrity, her mother Melanie Griffith and grandmother Tippi Hedren weren’t jumping for joy when she told them she was following in their footsteps … Read more