The Government will ask the IMF for more time to repay the credit and will agree to speed up the fiscal and monetary adjustment

The Government of Alberto Fernández will ask the International Monetary Fund for a loan called “Extended facility line” a four and a half years with which it will repay the previous credit obtained in 2019 by the management of Mauricio Macri. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Economy to Clarion, after a meeting of … Read more

Indra looks at the traditional Defense business and charges the adjustment in the tech subsidiary

Back to the basics. Indra it has shown its cards in the global adjustment of the workforce that it is executing in Spain and which has put the trade union organizations on a war footing. The company owned by the State through SEPI has removed the scissors in its two main divisions to reduce costs … Read more

Barcelona agrees an extension with the players for the ‘salary adjustment’

BARCELONA – The representatives of Barcelona and the club’s professional players agreed this Thursday, according to what was explained to ESPN Deportes by a source from the entity, to extend the negotiation period, until Wednesday of next week, to reach an agreement on the adequacy of their salaries and thus avoid a unilateral decision from … Read more

Government response on Conpes proposal to make layoffs more flexible – Government – Policy

The head of National Planning, Luis Alberto Rodríguez, assured this Friday that the document of the National Council of Economic and Fiscal Policy (Conpes) for the economic reactivation that transcended, It is a draft that has not been discussed or analyzed by the National Government, although it was prepared by technicians from the Planning department. … Read more

PlayStation changed the trophy system: what are the new parameters

The most important modification is that trophy level is changed from 1-100 to 1-999. This will cause the users level to be adjustment automatically, taking as reference the new proportions. This level adjustment has two objectives. On the one hand, it will allow beginning players to advance more quickly. On the other hand, it will … Read more

Piñera heads the first cabinet council since July ministerial adjustment

Cristián Monckeberg, Minister of the Segpres, pointed out before the meeting, to which they were summoned on Tuesday, that “the cabinet councils are part of the regularity, regular meetings with the President, coordination, joint work, legislative work, communication work , deployment in the field, but fundamentally how we put our country on its feet ”. … Read more

Bitcoin’s biggest positive difficulty adjustment of 2020 and what it means for price

As of September 20, The difficulty of Bitcoin has been adjusted by ~ 11.35%, and the hash rate reached a new ATH of 143 million TH / s. This was the largest positive adjustment in 2020 and its implications might not be as optimistic as one might expect. While an increase in hash rate leads … Read more

Dollar. The BCRA attenuates the exchange rate adjustment so that it loses against the fixed term

Miguel Pesce, the president of the BCRA who is now trying to fine tune to seek to appease retail demand. The Central Bank (BCRA) this week reduced the rate of slippage that enables the official exchange rate so that the implicit rate of return that arises from these adjustments remains below the minimum guaranteed for … Read more