Di Maio, whoever creates fibrillation in government collapses or disappears – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, June 27 – “Even these ballots have shown that, among the majority ones, there are few parties, that is, those parties that are continuing to support this government with conviction. Crumbles, or in many cases disappears, those who do not it does nothing but create fibrillation in the government’s action. A clear … Read more

Will Jean-Luc Mélenchon receive an administrative fine from the mayor of Tournai?

The mayor of Tournai, Paul -Olivier Delannois has already said it and repeated it several times, the fight against incivility is one of his priorities. He also repeated to anyone willing to listen that anyone found guilty of such acts would be prosecuted. Starting with an administrative fine, the amount of which can reach several … Read more

Administrative procedures: Barid Cash opens its network to CDG Prévoyance customers

Al Barid Bank’s subsidiary, Barid Cash, makes its branch network available to CDG Prévoyance customers. The aim is to make it easier for them to carry out their various administrative procedures. The Barid Cash branch network is now open to CDG Prévoyance/CNRA/RCAR customers. Indeed, customers of the Provident branch of the Caisse de depot et … Read more

Ronaldo will miss the match against Switzerland for “administrative” reasons

The trio was granted an exemption from the trip to Geneva on an “administrative” basis and not for injury. “It is not about physical problems, it is an administrative issue,” Santos said during a press conference in Lisbon. He added, “It makes no sense for 26 players to travel to Switzerland, we have the right … Read more

Elections, voting on Sunday 12 June in 23 municipalities in the province of Rome. All information

On Sunday 12 June the citizens of Lazio will return to the polls. In fact, 53 municipalities in the region are voting to renew the municipal councils, of these three are also provincial capitals (Frosinone, Rieti and Viterbo). The polling stations will be open from 7 to 23. The main challenges in the province of … Read more

Honorary staff will be removed, this is the explanation of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform – Sijori Kepri

Sijori Kepri, Jakarta — Honorary staff within the Ministry/Institution/Region (K/L/D) will be removed. The abolition of the honorary staff was conveyed by the Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB), Tjahjo Kumolo, in a letter Number B/185/M.SM.02.03/2022, which was addressed to the Civil Service Supervisory Officers (PPK) regarding Employment Status in Environment of … Read more

Al-Manar Sports website » The resignation of the president and members of the administrative body of Al-Salam Club

The Administrative Board of Salam Zgharta Club held an extraordinary session at the invitation of its president, Monsignor Stephan Franjieh, and the following statement was issued by its president: Since 2006, I assumed the responsibility of heading the Salam Club Zgharta, ie for sixteen seasons, and I tried with a large number of friends and … Read more

Ghent council chamber has to postpone the Shield & Friends file again after an administrative error (Ghent)

On Monday afternoon, the council chamber in Ghent had to postpone the case of Schild & Vrienden, in which the East Flemish public prosecutor’s office requests the referral of founder Dries Van Langenhove and the other people who had ties with the group, after an administrative error. Three suspects were wrongly summoned as injured parties, … Read more

ANS finds “serious economic-financial and administrative abnormalities” at Unimed-Rio

Arena Unimed Aterro, new leisure and sports space in the South Zone of Rio – Photo: Disclosure A National Health Agency decided on “annual renewal of the tax management process” at Unimed Rio Cooperativa de Saúde. The federal authority claimed that the alleged abnormalities in the institution are such that they put it at risk … Read more

Grupo Argos, a holding company, spends 40% of its profit on salaries, travel and other administrative expenses

Although accounting is allowed to include shares of others, which control, but do not correspond to the shareholders of Grupo Argos, the reality for the shareholders and the income statement on which dividends are distributed is individual. For 2021, the net profit in the separate income statement was 336,205 million pesos, much lower than that … Read more