The 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and other films that marked the adolescence ‘millennial’

The diaryof Bridget Jones It may be Britain’s most remembered and revered romantic comedy of all times that already, twenty years ago, narrated the difficulties of a thirty-year-old in a realistic way and far removed from the ‘postures’ of the time. Renée Zellweger gave life to Bridget, the protagonist and mirror with which many millennials … Read more

Lack of calcium and exercise in childhood and adolescence are linked to cases of osteoporosis

Curitiba – Usually associated with old age, osteoporosis needs to be discussed with children and adolescents. Excessive consumption of soft drinks, lack of physical exercise and low calcium intake during childhood are factors that contribute to an increase in the number of cases of the disease. A project developed by students from a private school … Read more

Health problems from adolescence; The actress finally showed the courage to speak openly

Yami Gautam is a star who has captured the attention of the audience through her miniscreen. Now the actor is talking about the physical condition he has gone through. Yami reveals that she has a physical condition called keratus pilaris and has finally decided to embrace it. This is a condition in which the skin … Read more

Infections in adolescence may increase the risk of MS |

Severe infections during adolescence can mean an increased risk of developing MS later in life, according to a new study.– It is primarily about infections in the brain and spinal cord, but also in the airways, says Scott Montgomery, professor at Örebro University. MS is a neurological disease that attacks the central nervous system, ie … Read more

Virginie Efira talks about her difficult adolescence

Virginie efira covermedia Virginie Efira knows that going to the cinema when you are a teenager and that you have not mastered aesthetic codes can attract some hurtful remarks. The actress confided in Vanity Fair magazine about some of her childhood misadventures. Virginie Efira was recently in Cannes to climb the stairs with the Benedetta … Read more

it often starts in adolescence

THE ESSENTIAL The first alterations in brain development to appear are autistic disorders, from the age of 5 years. Around 14 -15 years of age, we see the birth of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), eating disorders and all those related to stress. Around the age of 20, it is all the personality problems that generally appear: … Read more

Have Symptoms of Endometriosis Appeared Since Adolescence?

Jakarta: One way to detect disease is to recognize its symptoms. For endometriosis, the symptoms range from pain to infertility. The Bayer fact sheet indicates that the pain referred to includes dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), dyspareunia (pain/pain during intercourse), and dyschezia (difficulty having a bowel movement accompanied by pain). It is known that 83 percent of … Read more

High intensity physical exercise in childhood and adolescence can improve bone health in adulthood

If I go out we know by now that doing physical exercise is beneficial at all ages, including childhood. A few months ago a first study found that HIIT, and not just team sports, helped improve children’s health. Now, new research published in the journal JAMA Network Open finds that high intensity exercises in childhood … Read more

Paris Hilton reveals the abuses suffered in adolescence: “Continuous torture in boarding school”

23 August 2020 17:31 Heiress speaks for the first time of 11 months spent in a Utah facility: “That place wasn’t a school” The great-granddaughter of the “king of hotels” Conrad Hilton told the magazine People of life in New York, of the constant escapes, of the love for nightlife and of the parents’ decision … Read more

Alzeimer’s risk factors are measurable from adolescence

THE ESSENTIAL According to the Alzheimer’s Association, certain risk factors such as diabetes, weight or cardiovascular health from adolescence influence the risk of developing neurodegenerative disease at the end of life. Social factors, such as education, must also be taken into consideration in the development of dementia. Senior African Americans are about twice as likely … Read more