Anya Taylor-Joy: “To be an actress I sacrificed a normal adolescence”

A young woman with a pale complexion, ocher hair and an intense gaze that emerges from that pair of elongated eyes on a chessboard. That is the promotional image of “Lady’s Gambit”, one of the series that you have surely seen frequently during the tedious zapping through the Netflix catalog, where for weeks it has … Read more

20 years is nothing! Irina Shayk is inspired by her adolescence to recover a fashion from the 2000s | News

We have no proof, but neither doubt that Irina Shayk She is one of those responsible for making New York one of the fashion capitals. Whether it’s because she goes shopping or spending the afternoon in the park with her daughter, her looks are a real show. That is why we are not surprised that … Read more

High intensity physical exercise in childhood and adolescence can improve bone health in adulthood

If I go out we know by now that doing physical exercise is beneficial at all ages, including childhood. A few months ago a first study found that HIIT, and not just team sports, helped improve children’s health. Now, new research published in the journal JAMA Network Open finds that high intensity exercises in childhood … Read more

Paris Hilton reveals the abuses suffered in adolescence: “Continuous torture in boarding school”

23 August 2020 17:31 Heiress speaks for the first time of 11 months spent in a Utah facility: “That place wasn’t a school” The great-granddaughter of the “king of hotels” Conrad Hilton told the magazine People of life in New York, of the constant escapes, of the love for nightlife and of the parents’ decision … Read more

Alzeimer’s risk factors are measurable from adolescence

THE ESSENTIAL According to the Alzheimer’s Association, certain risk factors such as diabetes, weight or cardiovascular health from adolescence influence the risk of developing neurodegenerative disease at the end of life. Social factors, such as education, must also be taken into consideration in the development of dementia. Senior African Americans are about twice as likely … Read more