They request that the Seville Bar Association become the Bar Association

The word advocacy has two meanings in the dictionary of Royal Spanish Academy. On the one hand, it is the profession and practice of the lawyer. On the other, the set of practicing lawyers. According to the General Council of the Legal Profession,s 251,834 lawyers in Spain, 51.7% are men and 48.3% are womens. That … Read more

COVID CARES Act Español – Support – Education – Advocacy – Resources

Access COVID CARES Mini-Grant Through the OHA COVID CARES Access Mini-grant, CODSN can provide up to $ 250 of financial assistance per person for non-insurance deductibles / copays for behavioral and / or mental health visits to improve mental well-being. COVID CARES Wellness Mini-Grant Through the OHA COVID CARES Wellness Mini-grant, CODSN can provide up … Read more

For the labor dignity of young lawyers | Legal

The so-called uberization of the economy caused by the new digital platforms has had an unquestionable impact on a labor market that has long been calling for reforms that guarantee the balance that the employment relationship must prevail at all times to avoid its precariousness. In this scenario, the problem around false self-employed workers not … Read more

Advocacy for the presence of women in the political arena

The Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, held a meeting on Tuesday in Rabat with the Women’s Body working to strengthen the representativeness of women, as part of the preparations for the next elections in 2021. Speaking at the meeting this meeting, which took place in the presence of representatives of women’s organizations from political … Read more

Advocacy for parasites

Save the parasites! This is the proposal – surprising to the public – of a dozen scientists specializing in their study published in the British scientific journal Biological Conservation. “Parasites have an incredible diversity of species, but our society does not recognize this diversity as something valuablesays Chelsea Wood, assistant professor at the School of … Read more

The body of ‘Pupileto’ will apply the Protocol of Minnesota

The body of Daniel José Osorno Márquez, alias Pupiletoshall be submitted to the Protocol for Minnesotaa procedure has forensic that is often used in international law to carry out investigations when there is evidence of extrajudicial executions, arbitrary and summary executions. This was revealed Hernan Baron, attorney in Osorno to THE HERALD, the whole time … Read more