Webclift Airways with Boeing 777: New South African airline wants to go to Germany

A new airline is planning to connect South Africa with long-distance destinations. Boeing 777-300 ER are to be used. Germany is also on the list of desired destinations. 07.01.21 – 6:51 | Timo Nowack Comments Although South African Airways has been under bankruptcy protection for more than a year, the conversion to a new, smaller … Read more

Hank Aaron gets vaccinated against COVID-19 as a message for the African American community

ATLANTA – Baseball Hall of Fame member Hank Aaron, former UN ambassador and civil rights leader Andrew Young, and former US Secretary of Health and Human Services Louis Sullivan all got vaccinated against COVID-19 in Georgia on Tuesday, hoping to send a message to African Americans that injections are safe. Getting vaccinated “makes me feel … Read more

The NGO Soleil levant / Education won the grand prize of the Academy of Sciences, Arts of African Cultures and African Diasporas (ASCAD) for the 2020 edition.

As part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the awarding of the ASCAD prize, which was held on December 30, 2020 located on the plateau. In the presence of Mrs. Ly Ramata Bakayoko, Minister of Children and Women. The NGO Soleil levant / Education over the years has been involved in the education … Read more

They test if the vaccine is effective against the South African strain of covid-19

How dangerous are the new variants of covid-19? 2:13 (CNN) — Scientists are studying whether a new strain of the new coronavirus found in South Africa will pose a threat to the vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen on Friday. “The point is that in order to know we have … Read more

South African Covid-19 Variant Could Affect Vaccine Efficacy

How dangerous are the new variants of covid-19? 2:13 (CNN) — A variant of the new coronavirus found in South Africa is spreading rapidly and researchers don’t know if it poses a challenge to the vaccine, according to the scientist who discovered the variation. “At the moment, we assume that the vaccine will be effective,” … Read more

Despite everything, we have seen good African cinema in 2020 | Africa is not a country | Future Planet

Note to readers: EL PAÍS openly offers the Future Planet section for its daily and global information contribution on the 2030 Agenda, the eradication of poverty and inequality, and the progress of developing countries. If you want to support our journalism, subscribe here. We are not going to abound in characterizations about this evil year, … Read more

Kresala rewards African film broadcaster Mane Cisneros

Make Africa known from within, “and not from without, as has always been done”, is the purpose of Mane Cisneros for seventeen years, with cinema as a tool and as a cultural medium for the continent. In recognition of that work, The Kresala de San Sebastián film club awards him its annual award this afternoon … Read more

The Sudanese film ‘You Will Die at 20’ wins the 17th African Film Festival

The Sudanese film You Will Die at 20, by Amjad Abu Alala, premiered in Spain in the 17th edition of the African Film Festival of Tarifa Tangier (FCAT), has won the award for Best Fiction Feature Film in this edition of the FCAT, “for its wonderful cinematographic language, for the values ​​it represents, for showing … Read more

Humor as a refuge, up for debate at the Tarifa-Tangier African Film Festival

Humor starred in the day yesterday Saturday at the Tarifa-Tangier African Film Festival with the maxim that this genre, as in the rest of the planet, also serves as a counterpoint to the tragedy of life. The virtual round table and broadcast live Laughing out loud, humor in African cinemas, inaugurated the VIII Tree of … Read more

Climate predominates on the African continent

Considered the cradle of humanity – all theories. The African continent has one of the greatest diversities cultural of the planet. Below this, the temperate climate prevails in Uruguay, central Argentina, and southern Brazil, and the middle Mediterranean climate in the cordilleran zone. Y dry in the zone Oriental). The extreme south penetrates into … … Read more