The new album from Organka. Inspired by photos from the Uprising

Organek team in cooperation with Warsaw Uprising Museum On July 30, he released a new album for sale entitled “Save us love. The disc is inspired by the photographs of one of the most famous photographers of the Warsaw Uprising, Eugeniusz Lokajski aka” Brok “. On July 24, the band played a concert in the … Read more

12 new photos of singing stars from the wedding of the media, Doaa Salah | album

The day before yesterday, a big wedding was held in one of the major hotels on the Nile. The media, Doaa Salah, celebrated her wedding to businessman Walid Abdel Moneim, in the presence of a group of art people and close friends. The ceremony was performed by a number of singing stars, led by the … Read more

How is “Welcome 2 America”, Prince’s unreleased album | A decade later, it appears this Friday

“Welcome to America, where you can fail at your job, get fired, rehired, and get a $ 7 billion tip / Come, sit down and fill your pockets / Mass media, information overload: Welcome to America “. The opening of Prince’s “new” album connects directly with the portrait of the state of affairs of Sign … Read more

Large American band uses Kjerag as the main motif on the new album

Kjerag is watching the new album by Dream Theater. Dream Theater The American progressive metal band Dream Theater will release a new album in October. A famous mountain plateau in the Lysefjord adorns the album. Published: Published: July 28th Read the whole case with subscription Already a subscriber? sign in

ALEKS presents its debut album with a free concert in Sofia

Preya will support the special show of the favorite from “The Voice of Bulgaria”, the two will sing their joint duet for the first time One of the discoveries of “The Voice of Bulgaria” – the charming ALEKS, will delight its fans in the capital with a free open-air concert, where he will present his … Read more

Prince’s posthumous debut album released this Friday –

“Welcome 2 America”, the first unpublished opus of the singer and flagship musician of the end of the 20th century, proves prophetic on the tensions of the United States today. The album goes on sale July 30. Racism, political divisions, technology, misinformation: “Welcome 2 America”, a 12-song album, completed in 2010 but kept for unknown … Read more

Elissa is living a love story in conjunction with the preparations for her new album and criticizes Rima Rahbani

Elissa revealed several new things about her personal and artistic life during a discussion with her fans on Twitter, and she topped Twitter because of her responses to the audience and revealed several surprises about her new artwork. Elissa reveals her new artwork Elissa responded to several questions from her fans on Twitter, about her … Read more

MHD: sales figures for his new album have just been revealed – Swigg

WhileBest before had been refused parole by wearing an electronic bracelet in early March 2020, the rapper, indicted and incarcerated since January 2019 at the Health prison in Paris, was released last July under judicial supervision. The interpreter of Mom i’m in pain had spoken since his release from prison. “I thank my lawyers and … Read more

Music: Funk-rock star Prince’s heirs to release posthumous debut album

To pay tribute to the emblematic figure of funk-rock, Prince, the singer’s heirs are preparing to release the first posthumous album of this musician who marked the end of the 20th century. It is the first unpublished opus since his death, which proves prophetic on the current tensions in the United States. “Welcome 2 America” … Read more