Putin’s ally has circumvented the sanctions. He is having fun on a paradise vacation

Vladimir Plotnikov belongs to the party United Russiafrom which he also comes Vladimir Putin. Russian deputy he is considered one of the closest associates of the Russian president. On February 23, under the EU regulation, it was sanctioned and received entry ban on the territory of the European Union. The reason for the sanctions was … Read more

Rayane Bensaghir writes the descent into hell of youth in “The crazy ally of the devil” [Interview]

Released a week ago, “The crazy ally of the devil” (ed. Milot) marks the baptism of the edition, for the Belgian-Moroccan writer Rayane Bensaghir. After having interrupted his schooling, this native of Brussels climbed the slope and succeeded in his studies at Sciences Po, within the Free University of Brussels (ULB). During all these years, … Read more

Because of Donbass, the Kremlin can betray its close ally: using this “trump card” would backfire on Russia

The author of this text is Yulia Petrovskaya, a Russian journalist specializing in foreign policy and security. She has repeatedly collaborated with “Nezavisimaja Gazeta” (in 2005-2009 she was responsible for foreign policy, was the executive editor of the foreign policy supplement “Dipkurjer”), daily newspaper “Vremia MN”, agencies “RIA Novosti”, “Rosbalt”. In 2015-2019, she was a … Read more

Defense, Military | From threat to ally

The debate post expresses the writer’s opinions. In Aavasaksa, Ylitornio (about 220 kilometers west of the current Finnish-Russian border), the emperor’s cabin of the Russian tsar still stands so that he and the empress could look over large parts of the Torn Valley. Just over a hundred years ago, Troms also bordered more or less … Read more

Lukashenko’s Belarus, a reluctant ally struggling with Putin’s “poisoned apple” – Corriere.it

from Marco Imarisio With the arrival of the Iskander missiles, Belarus is preparing to become a kind of military base for Russia. And Aleksandr Lukashenko can no longer pretend to be navigating between Russia and Europe The reluctant ally is a dictator with limited sovereignty. He was already there before, practically always. But even more … Read more

LIVE | Putin ally: London to be bombed first in World War III | Abroad

05:41Abroad LIVE | Russians: Severodonetsk civilian evacuation halted after shelling The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now been going on for nearly four months, but fierce fighting continues. Russian troops on Saturday halted the evacuation of civilians hiding at a chemical plant in the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk. Follow the latest developments in Ukraine…

The US and the Allies Form a Military Axis to Fight China Named PALS, Indonesia’s participation is a concern

Zonajakarta.com – Movement China in the Asia-Pacific region seems to continue to make United States of America (AS) stiflingly hot. The stifling heat can be seen from the formation of a joint partnership AS with Australia and England named Pact AUKUS in 2021. slim AUKUS will be a forum for the three countries to overcome … Read more

Russia’s ally will not recognize the “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk: it would be chaos

“I would like to point out that modern international law is the UN Charter. But the two basic principles of the Statute contradict each other. I am referring to the territorial integrity of the countries and the right of nations to self-determination. The founders of the UN once did not take this into account, or … Read more

He said Putin could try to overthrow Lukashenko: he wanted a different ally

Analyst Maxim Milta told Delfi TV that there had been episodes in the past when the Kremlin seemed extremely dissatisfied with Lukashenko’s regime. According to him, Belarus is currently in fact is the western district of Russia and To Russia is very important as extra space. However, Mr Milta said Mr Lukashenko could be reprimanded. … Read more