Opinion: Telematic medicine becomes the great ally of the health sector to speed up consultations during the pandemic

🔊 Play COVID-19 has accelerated progress in the digital transformation processes of the health sector, the advances expected in 3 years have happened in 3 months. According to the third edition of the Aegon Health and Lifestyle study, 7 out of 10 telemedicine users declare that it has been very useful to them. Due to … Read more

The printing press can be a great ally for companies, according to ImprentaMadrid.com

Advertising is the most powerful weapon for companies when it comes to promoting themselves and informing their consumers about their products. Every year, according to the latest Statista reports, companies spend an average of 14 million euros on advertising. Marketing has a very rapid evolution and despite how revolutionary digital media have been and how … Read more

Marketing: «Crossmedia» the strategic ally of branding

🔊 Play Crossmedia has become a key Marketing strategy to reach multi-screen users, so using it to enhance Branding is a success because it implies that your brand is adapting to the new needs of the audience that is present in different channels. What is the role of Crossmedia in Marketing? The role of Crossmedia … Read more

The closest ally of Viacheslav Volodin went on a three-month vacation

The head of the State Duma apparatus, Tatyana Voronova, went on a three-month vacation until May. About this “Vedomosti” was told by two interlocutors in “United Russia”, a person in the State Duma apparatus and an interlocutor close to the presidential administration (AP). This week, Voronova, who traditionally attends the Duma council (an organizational meeting … Read more

Marketing: «digital marketing» an ally of direct online sales

🔊 Play At this point, there is no doubt that e-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the wake of the pandemic. Among its benefits are its wide range of reach, the avoidance of physical contact and the possibility of carrying out 24-hour buying and selling actions. This boom has unleashed new strategies, business prospects, brand … Read more

WhatsApp, ally of marketing teams in the pandemic

In 2021, the penetration of social networks has exceeded half of the global population (53.6%), that is, 4.2 billion people; In this scenario, WhatsApp continues to occupy the third position with 2 billion global users, according to the latest report Digital 2021 developed by We Are Social and Hootsuite. To help inform marketers of best … Read more

The cloud continues to be Microsoft’s great ally and boosts its revenue by 17%

Microsoft has returned, once again, to beat all expectations with its new results. Its revenue has soared 17% to $ 43.1 billion. How could it be otherwise, the figures have convinced the market and its shares are rising by about 5% in the ‘after hours’ of Wall Street “What we have witnessed over the past … Read more

Coconut oil, the lesser known ally to improve sports performance

Coconut oil is used as a common food in countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia (Shutterstock)Natural coconut oil is a product that is obtained from dry coconut or fresh coconut. Its “extra virgin” version is the one that has the most benefits for health, since it does not go through refining processes and … Read more

Kia could be the definitive ally of Apple for its first electric model

ADVERTISING Apple’s new project continues to be on the table. Now, a revealed report mentioned that the definitive ally for the development of its new electric and autonomous model will be Kia. Days ago it was mentioned that Hyundai and Apple would confirm their alliance in March of this year, in order to produce the … Read more